Brazil – A “gunman” murders 11 children, wounds 13 at elementary school.

Son of a……

CNN article with video report:

A gunman opened fire Thursday inside the school, killing 11 students before taking his own life, officials said. Thirteen others were injured, four in critical condition, Rio Health Secretary Sergio Cortes said.

The shooting happened at the Tasso da Silveira Municipal School in the western neighborhood of Realengo, a middle- and lower-middle-class area located between the Pedra Branca and Mendanha mountains.

According to a military police officer, he was approached on the street two blocks from the school by a student who had been shot in the face. He asked for aid and said there was a shooter at the school. Police heard shots and found the gunman walking up the stairs to the third floor, the officer said.

The man was identified as Wellington Menezes de Oliveira, 23, a former student at the school, the government said. He was allowed to enter the school by saying he was there to obtain transcripts.

Police shot Menezes de Oliveira in the leg, causing him to fall on the stairs. At that point, the policeman said, the gunman shot himself in the head. According to CNN affiliate TV Record, Menezes de Oliveira entered the school in the morning armed with two handguns and began shooting at children and school personnel. There were reports that he had left a letter behind that mentioned he had HIV, Agencia Brasil said. Other details from the letter were not immediately disclosed.

Oh yeah….. I “forgot” to add something – forgot to add it on purpose – that CNN and every single other US media outlet also “forgot” to mention as well:

The shooter was a…… a…… a………… Yeah.

The next link is to Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs and has honest reporting.

Rio Mass Murder: Muslim Opens Fire On Children’s School.

I think it’s important to note that all of the headlines in the news reports in Portuguese call the murderer an Islamic suicide bomber and report that his letter refers to Islam, while none of the English outlets are reporting this critical clue.

Naaaaaah, the media world-wide and especially here in America would NEVER hide something of this nature.  Not possible.  “It can’t happen here.”

Kenny Solomon
Everything I need to know about Islam I learned at the age of 13 on September 5th 1972.

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5 Responses to Brazil – A “gunman” murders 11 children, wounds 13 at elementary school.

  1. Luiz Schiller says:

    “…all of the headlines in the news reports in Portuguese call the murderer an Islamic suicide bomber and report that his letter refers to Islam…”

    This is not true. I am talking from Rio, Brazil and suddenly became interested on what was being spoke on international news about it. Although he wrote some religious rituals on his death note, he had never mentioned any Islamic god or anything similar. He mentioned Jesus, which would bring his body from death to eternal life.

  2. kennysolomon says:

    More on the Brazilian peace lover who murdered children in jihad.

    Brazil school shooter: “Four hours every day I spend reading the Koran”.

    Nothing to see here.

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