As the Obama administration attempts to take full control over the internet in America, they warn other countries about doing the same thing in their own nations.

What a bunch of disingenuous hypocritical lying sacks of……

Seems as if ‘somebody’ is trying to ‘nudge’ away any connection to “Net Neutrality” and all things for which it stands, one world, under a jackboot with no liberty and only ‘social justice’ for some.

The Obama administration warned Friday that governments around the world are extending their repression to the Internet, seeking to cut off their citizens’ access to websites and other means of communication to stave off the types of revolutions that have wracked the Middle East.

Presenting the mammoth, 7,000-page report, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said curtailing Internet freedom meant violating the fundamental rights of expression, assembly and association.

“Democracy and human rights activists and independent bloggers found their emails hacked or their computers infected with spyware that reported back on their every keystroke,” Clinton said. “Digital activists have been tortured so they would reveal their passwords and implicate their colleagues.”

Oh boy…..

In offering commentary on this subject, it is with deep regret that I’m unable to project the ‘new tone and civility’ requested by our humble but lovable Dictator In Training Pants™ and the assorted Totalitarian Jihadists in the administration.

Mrs. Clinton – and I mean this sincerely in a positive complimentary way, ma’am – You’ve got bigger balls than anyone I’ve ever had the fortune and/or misfortune to encounter in any life setting.

That you could utter those words with all that your boss, Mr. Sunstein and Mr. Genachowski are attempting to slam into the face of America and her people, shows a side of you that should scare the hell out of every free, freedom loving and freedom seeking person on the planet.

As for your aforementioned boss, Mr. Sunstein and Mr. Genachowski, I don’t have enough bandwidth on the site to house even the preliminary sections of a rant, so I’ll stop here and simply say:

Molon Labe.

Kenny Solomon
Typical bitter God-clinging Constitution-loving flag-waving gun-owning barking-mad-insane NASCAR fan in South Florida.

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5 Responses to As the Obama administration attempts to take full control over the internet in America, they warn other countries about doing the same thing in their own nations.

  1. You gonna post this one on UP? Love your commentary BTW.

    • kennysolomon says:

      Nice news, but watch out…… Cass “The Nudge Czar” Sunstein more than likely has an already-written exec order set to go for signing by you-know-who.

      It’s coming.


  2. kennysolomon says:

    Lookie ovah heah…… No, not at that hand – the other one……

    (Reuters) – Public interest groups are keeping the option of lawsuits against the U.S. Federal Communications Commission on the table to fight for stronger Internet “neutrality” rules, an executive at a public interest law firm said on Saturday.

    “We’re certainly looking at judicial avenues, but right now everybody’s kind of in a holding pattern” until Federal Register publication.”

    Nothing to see here either…… Move along.

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