Enlever la feuille de lit madame.

France – Burqa ban in effect today.

Arrests have been made already.

That’s a good thing, right ?

The ban primarily affects Muslim women who wear the full-face veil, barring it from government buildings, public services, streets, and entertainment venues.

Proponents argue it is necessary on grounds of security, gender equality, and upholding France’s secular system.

It’s merely a security thing, you know.

Besides, there’s no way – not a remotely possibility – that a male peace lover in France who is shorter of stature could – or would even even think of – easily donning a burqa to provide cover for a custom-tailored Jacques-Henri LaBoomBoom vest, walk out into a crowded market, shout out ‘Tally-Ho Snackbar’, go all ‘splodey and meet his repeatedly-promised seventy-two virgin goats in Hell.

There’s also the question of those amazing peace-loving men forcing women into total submission, including the demand that the ladies wear said burqas and niqabs when out of the home.

But critics say it violates rights such as freedom of expression and religion. And many Muslims say they have felt stigmatized during the intense debate that preceded the adoption of the law, as well as by a recent divisive debate on French national identity, and a 2004 law banning Islamic headscarves in classrooms.

Since the burqa and niqab are ‘religious’ in nature – at least the peace lovers claim that to be the case – and those items can be taken as a security risk due to overt actions from and to the wearers and France banned ‘em under penalties of arrest and fines, please allow me to axe you a question:

What’s to stop France from banning… oh, I don’t know… let’s give it a whirl… What’s to stop France from banning – under penalties of arrest and fines – yarmulkes and other symbols of Judaism ?… After all, Jews are ‘open season’ targets not just in France, but world-wide and the French government continuing their force-hiding of religious symbols – Christian included – would add to the security of the nation, yes ?

A 21-year-old man from the city of Villeurbanne in southern France was severely injured last week after being assaulted by two men of North African origin, the European Jewish Press reported Monday.

According to the report, Thursday’s violent incident occurred as the man headed home from a Torah class at the local synagogue.

The two aggressors allegedly approached the man and asked for his name. After hearing his response, the two told him: “You don’t look to be named Antoine, you look Jewish, you are a Jew.”

Oops. Looks like we have a problem on that end too.

Wait…… “two men of North African origin” ?…… That’s profiling.

Bad media. Bad. No soup for you tonight.

Hmmmmmm…… Churches, synagogues and mosques are religious symbols too. Maybe France will ban them next…… all to increase state security of course.

Hey, I’m just givin’ y’all somethin’ ta think about.

Remember…… “It can’t happen here.”
(“Here” being a nation with individual rights of any kind.)

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming of…… of…… oh yeah…… Survivor Idol.

Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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Note:  First article and corresponding embedded video presentations are courtesy of Jim Hoft and Gateway Pundit.  The second link is from Ynet News, Israel.

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