Palestinian Authority wants $5 billion from ‘western donors’…… For peace, of course.

They’re gonna get it and probably much more too.

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad will brief Western representatives in Brussels on Wednesday on his bid for nearly $5 billion in investment to launch a Palestinian state.

The Palestinian Authority’s three-year development plan, obtained by Reuters, requires $1.467 billion this year, $1.754 billion in 2012 and $1.596 billion for 2013.

“We have distributed the plan to the donors and they have welcomed it,” Palestinian Planning Minister Ali al-Jarbawi said.

Whatcha wanna bet there’s already an exec order written (‘nudge’) and Obama even bows to himself in a rush to hand over the requested five billion with an extra ten thrown in ‘just because’ ?

Wait…… I thought ‘Palestine’ was all set to go ?    The UN said they’re ready to function on their own. Why do they need outside funding ?

Nice photo of PM Fayyad – love the background.  A mass murderer and a Hamas lap dog.  Yeah, five billion dollars won’t find it’s way to any nefarious use at all.    Not possible.    It’s the religion of peace.

Never mind.

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One Response to Palestinian Authority wants $5 billion from ‘western donors’…… For peace, of course.


    Extortion – this money will not buy peace, it’s just a start or a continuation. They’ve never been successful at anything but destruction, poverty and murder.

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