Florida – Pinellas County Sheriff Jim Coates Does Not Like Civilian Gun Owners.

Drawing down on law abiding citiz…… Wait…… WHAT ?!?

Article at The NRA’s Institute For Legislative Action.

Pinellas County Sheriff Jim Coates did, in fact, tell legislators that if the concealed weapons license reform bill (SB 234 and HB 517) passed that law enforcement would be “drawing down” on license holders. More than one tape of him making that statement can be found on youtube.com

“Law enforcement is going to start drawing their weapons and challenging these individuals, and something bad may very well happen,” Coats testified.



Off my vacation and visiting-friends-there list…… Pinellas County.

L.E.O.’s ordered to be ‘jumpy’ and get in the face of law abiding citizens…… I think I’ll pass on the experience.

Kenny Solomon
South Florida
I carry concealed because it keeps the bad guys guessing.

I also carry a firearm because a police officer is too heavy and won’t fit in any of my holsters.

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11 Responses to Florida – Pinellas County Sheriff Jim Coates Does Not Like Civilian Gun Owners.

  1. LaRueLaDue says:

    Seems to me that someone could have his job over those comments. I know in here in Oklahoma he would be hounded out of office, quicker than he could “draw down” on us law-abiding citizens…

    • kennysolomon says:

      I hear ya.

      I stand with and honor L.E., but this is over the line and a blatant statement that individual’s Constitutional Rights will be violated.

      Scares the you-know-what out of me and should do the same to everyone.

      Thanks for stopping by and posting your comments LaRue.

      • LaRueLaDue says:

        Glad I found you after the RS debacle… I always enjoyed your posts there! Now I don’t have to sift through the cruft!

        • kennysolomon says:

          Thanks again LaRue.

          I didn’t get kicked out and was not asked to leave “Ban Central Station – I simply left and started the site here.

          It was time and besides, I think y’all have read enough of my offerings to know me well enough that I wasn’t gonna hold my opinions on news in check, especially when backed with facts.

          Cheers !


  2. Richard Bilski says:

    Regarding the good sheriff Jim Coates comment there is an asshole in every discipline of life and he is just one more. If this bill is signed into law and disregarded by the Pinellas county sheriff’s department I would Number 1 attempt to have this man removed from office and Number 2 I will attempt to organize a class action lawsuit against the department for willful and neglectful harassment of the citizens of the state of Florida. Legally he cannot interject his personal beliefs regarding state law under any circumstances without paying a penalty for acting like a little king in the domain he oversees by the citizens who give him the opportunity to serve the public. Enough said.

    • kennysolomon says:

      Hi Richard. Thanks for looking in and commenting.

      I have a feeling this is not going to be the only case in the nation, regardless of state laws.

      The lines that should never be crossed by government are getting closer to being blasted open, let alone breached.

  3. John says:

    Seems Sherrif Coates would welcome help from licensed citizens. What would happen if all licensed citizens ignore officers please for help in an emergency because of fear they might be arrested or fined for carrying?

    I left N.Y. (licensed to carry there) because of harassment, thought Florida officers would be a little more enlightened.

    • kennysolomon says:

      Exactly John, exactly.

      Thanks for your commentary.

      I escaped from Noo Yawk as well…… Sad what’s going on there – not just in NYC.

      I won’t go back, because I refuse to be disarmed – simply setting foot in the state carrying would instantly have me classified as a felon.

      At least Governor Scott and most of the legislature seem to have our backs here in Flori-duh.

      Cheers !


  4. Joe Waldron says:

    Great comments guys. I made some of the same observations about replacing the deputies, or the sheriff, in a letter to the legislature earlier today.

    While posts like this are great, we’re preaching to the choir. Hopefully by now you’ve written to YOUR legislators, your Senator on SB 234 and your Representative on HB 517.

    Public officials who don’t trust us don’t deserve OUR trust.

    Joe Waldron
    Legislative Director, FL Sport Shooting Assn
    Legislative Director, CCRKBA

    • kennysolomon says:

      Thank you for checking in Mr. Waldron.

      Yes, letters have been written, sent and followed-up, including direct conversations with several of our state’s Legislative critters.

      A sad reality though is that nationally, push is moving quickly to shove and most states are not even close to honoring their Tenth Amendment status.

      Cheers !

      Kenny Solomon
      Israel Survival Updates and at a range near you.

  5. This is another one that could go to SCOTUS if passed. They did take care of the DC debacle so I do hold out some hope for them.

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