Pipe-Bombing For Columbine

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The latest – 24 April 2011 – Suspect identified – released from prison seven days prior to incident.

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Today’s the anniversary of something besides the BP/Transocean/Gulf Of Mexico oil disaster.   Think back twelve years – That’s 1999 for the folks in Rio Linda.

Got it yet ?…… No ?…… Two names: Klebold and Harris.

Twelve years ago at Columbine High School…… and today at The Southwest Plaza Mall in Columbine Colorado.

But this is today:

Police found two propane tanks and a pipe bomb in the Southwest Plaza mall today after a fire was reported near the food court.

The FBI told 9News it is investigating the incident as a case of domestic terrorism and said any suspect arrested in connection with the case will face federal charges.

Jacki Kelley of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said the propane tanks were discovered by mall workers investigating smoke in a hallway near the food court shortly before noon. The workers called law enforcement and about 300 mall employees and an estimated 6,000-10,000 shoppers were evacuated into the parking lot at 8501 W. Bowles Ave.

Items of note:

1. The mall is less than two miles from ‘that school’.

2. If and when they put two and two together, the media, the left and maniacs like Alex Jones are going to go batcrapcrazy with all sorts of tin-foil-hattery.

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First update.

From 9News, including video at the embedded link.

The FBI says it has identified a person of interest after a pipe bomb was found at Southwest Plaza Mall on Wednesday, 9Wants to Know has learned. The pipe bomb was found after the mall was evacuated when a fire broke out.

Investigators say two propane tanks were also found at the heart of the fire, in close proximity to the pipe bomb, and the FBI is investigating the incident as a case of domestic terrorism.

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Second Update – 22 April.

The FBI released three new photos of the possible suspect wanted for questioning in the pipe-bomb incident at the Southwest Plaza Mall on Wednesday.

The photos were taken on a Regional Transportation District (RTD) bus. According to authorities, he was riding the bus on Tuesday.

RTD did not provide any further information, in order to not taint the investigation.

Hmmmmm….. Typically bitter-looking, eh ?

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Suspect Identified – Earl Albert Moore, 65 — Released from prison one week ago.

Now it gets ‘interesting’ at minimum.

Records from the Federal Bureau of Prisons indicate Earl Albert Moore, 65, was released on April 13. It is not immediately clear where Moore had been held or why he was in prison. Colorado arrest records indicate Moore has used at least eight aliases and has an extensive criminal record going back to at least 1984, including arrests and for theft and larceny. He was convicted of possessing burglary tools, a felony, in 2004.

Law enforcement officials are being tight-lipped about any motive Moore may have had for trying to explode the bombs in the mall.

I know y’all see the same b.s. that I do, so I’ll leave it be – for now.

Thanks to Howie at The Jawa Report for sending the link.

The FBI on Sunday identified a recently paroled bank robber as the man suspected of planting a bomb at a crowded shopping mall near Columbine High School last week on the 12th anniversary of the school massacre.

Earl Albert Moore, 65, who remains at large, “is considered armed and dangerous and has an extensive criminal background,” the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force said in a news release.


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One Response to Pipe-Bombing For Columbine

  1. Yep, they are gonna go bat crazy. I remember where I was, waiting to get on a flight at Detroit Metro and couldn’t believe it.

    But I especially believe it and remember that one of those massacred was a “Rachel” same name as one of my daughter’s.

    I thank God every day my Rachel is still with us.

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