Freedom of speech is non-existent.

Whaddayou, some kinda comedian ?

Addendum – 23 April 2011 approximately 9:20pm Eastern time:  Please read through the comments section as well.   Ms. Carol Greenberg of Conservative Outlooks provided a link to her website and the article where a judge and jury – yes, a real judge and a real jury – ordered an American citizen who committed no crime to be barred from traveling freely in a part of The United States because of what he might legally do and what may happen if he legally did what he wanted to do.

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The first two short paragraphs in the article should scare the living hell out of anyone who values freedom on any level.

Lesbian Insults Get Comic Fined.

(NewsCore – Vancouver, Canada) – A Canadian comic has been ordered to pay CA$15,000 (US$15,745) to a woman he taunted along with her same-sex partner during a show in a Vancouver restaurant three years ago, the Vancouver Sun reported Thursday.

Stand-up comedian Guy Earl was ordered to pay the money to Lorna Pardy, 32, while the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal also ordered the Vancouver restaurant owner, Salam Ishmail, to pay her $7,500.

Human Rights TRIBUNAL ?

Fining the owner of a night club for a comedy performance ?

Oh, right…… It can’t happen here.

Really ?

That pastor Terry Jones – The Qur’an burner – Here’s three news articles from the oh-so-peace-loving city of Detroitistan:

Jury finds protest outside mosque would breach peace.



We’re going way past double-standards and political correctness, entering the event horizon of serious problems and probable uprisings to preserve freedom……. And my gut instincts are screaming at me that this is deliberate – another ‘nudge’ handed down from the Marxist-Jihadis in our nation’s administration to a state/locality on the brink.

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Note:  Please see the comments section below for further news on the Detroit/Dearborn adventure of Pastor Terry Jones, an American citizen being prevented from exercising his First Amendment (and other) Rights.

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2 Responses to Freedom of speech is non-existent.

    • kennysolomon says:

      So if I understand this even a little bit…… An American citizen, an individual who committed no actual crime, has had his freedom of movement restricted by “a jury of his peers” and that ruling will be enforced by government entities…… The reason for the verdict: What he may do and what might happen as a result.




      I’d better head over to the ‘100-Yard Stress-Relief Center’ for a little while.

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