Iranian ship loaded with poison gas seized at Port of Sinai.

Updated Thursday 28 April at approximately 7am Eastern.   It is now three and one-half days after the initial report.

It’s as if the Taqiya machine is in full swing, but this time they’re using silence instead of an event.

— — — — —

The entire article at The Jerusalem Post is one sentence long.

So far.

An Iranian ship loaded with poison gas and headed towards Syria was seized at the Port of Sinai, Lebanese Arabic news daily the Beirut Observer reported Sunday.

If you or anyone you know can translate the news into English, here’s the link to main page at The Beiruit Observer.

A good guess The Jerusalem Post and every other Israeli news outlet will have “a bit more” on this in the next day or two.

=== === === === ===

25 April approx. 7:30am Eastern.

More than twelve hours after the initial report.

No updates or coverage.


Still just the one-line article at The Jerusalem Post.

=== === === === ===

25 April approx 8:45pm Eastern.

Twenty-four hours after the initial report.

No updates or coverage.


Still just the one-line article at The Jerusalem Post.

I’ve sent contacts to The Jerusalem Post, along with several other highly regarded legitimate media outlets in order to kick the tires and light some fires.

Meanwhile, The Muslim Brotherhood is taking over in Egypt and their growing power is being cemented into place by the minute.

=== === === === ===

26 April approx 9:30pm Eastern.

Still nothing.

Not a peep from anywhere.

My contacts to The Jerusalem Post have gone unanswered and have been re-sent several times.

Mr. Breitbart’s news desk has not answered my communications, nor looked into the matter, even though they linked to the original ‘article’ from JPost.

Fox News ?…… Don’t get me started on Mr. Murdoch’s Abu Dhabi-based corporation.

I’m not giving up.

But hey…… What could go wrong ? It”s only a boatload of ‘poison gas’ seized by a nation delving into full-on Caliphate-level Shari’a law with the new government and the overwhelming majority of it’s population wanting Israel and Jews wiped away like a fine layer of dust on a shelf.

=== === === === ===

28 April 2011 approximately 7:00am Eastern.

Nothing still.

Not a bloody word.

A few blog site have picked up the info posted here at I.S.U., but not one word in follow-up from The Jerusalem Post, nor has their news desk or any other news site responded to numerous attempts at contacts.

We’ll see what happens now that The Muslim Brotherhood is running the show in Egypt and brought Hamas and Fatah together as one.

What a way to run an airline.

Better tool up.

May 15th could get ‘interesting’.

— — — — —

Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates
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9 Responses to Iranian ship loaded with poison gas seized at Port of Sinai.

  1. BANNED. Shut down. Surprise!!

    • SH says:

      No, not banned just comments. you can reply at their Facebook page

      I sent the translation to Kenny, not much different than JPost

  2. […] is just that one line. Israel Survival Updates has a link up to the article in arabic at the Beirut Observer if anyone can translate […]

  3. […] Ship from Iran loaded from poison gas is seized in Sinai port. It was headed to Syria. […]

  4. AW1 Tim says:

    Lovely. Let’s hope this story gets the traction it deserves. I’ll be interested in seeing how the leftist enablers and anti-Israel hacks in the US Media try and spin this story.

  5. Chris M says:

    Poison Gas? You mean like CO2 or something? It’s an awfully vague description.

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