Afghan military pilot opens fire at Kabul airport — Tally-Ho Snackbar.

Eight U.S. soldiers and one civilian contractor dead ; others wounded.

……and Americans are still in this hellhole for the reason of…… ?

KABUL (BNO NEWS) — An Afghan military officer opened fire at an air force base in the Afghan capital late Wednesday morning, officials said, killing at least nine people and injuring others.

Tally-Ho Snackbar.

Eight NATO service members and a contractor are dead after an Afghan military pilot opened fire on the foreign troops following a dispute at the airport in Kabul.

Here’s the dispute:

Infidels, get out ! — Uluululululu — Tally-Ho Snackbar ! — Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Bang !

The shooting occurred in an operations room of the Afghan Air Corps at Kabul airport.

“Suddenly, in the middle of the meeting, shooting started,” said Afghan Air Corps spokesman Col. Bahader, who uses only one name. “After the shooting started, we saw a number of Afghan army officers and soldiers running out of the building. Some were even throwing themselves out of the windows to get away.”

Tally-Ho Snackbar.

They were all Americans.

A veteran Afghan military pilot said to be distressed over his personal finances opened fire at Kabul airport after an argument Wednesday, killing eight U.S. troops and an American civilian contractor.

Those killed were trainers and advisers for the nascent Afghan air force. The shooting was the deadliest attack by a member of the Afghan security forces, or an insurgent impersonating them, on coalition troops or Afghan soldiers or policemen. There have been seven such attacks so far this year.

That’s why all the Muslims ran.

One of their own was doing  Allah’s work.

Tally-Ho Snackbar.

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