The Unity Government

Put together by The Muslim Brotherhood — Muslim Brotherhood sending “security team” to Gaza — NO negotiations with Jews — NO recognition Israel exists — Abbas cut out of reconciliation process — Jerusalem to be the capitol of ‘Palestine’ — Thoughts on what to do from pacifists to realists — Hamas PM Haniyeh tells PA Boss Abbas: ‘Toe the line or you’re next’ — Delusional UN demands Abbas runs The Unity Government.

Ynet News:  Fatah, Hamas sign reconciliation agreement.

JPost: “Our plan does not involve negotiations with Israel or recognizing it.”

Fox News video report: Hamas and Fatah reach unity agreement.

This next video clip is from the EuroNews service.

Iran weighs in: Tehran’s FM hopes Fatah-Hamas agreement will ‘hasten developments in Palestinian arena, bring victory over occupiers’.

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Previously at Israel Survival Updates:

Hamas invites Abbas to Gaza…… and threatens to kill him if he shows up.

He didn’t go to Gaza.   He went to Cairo, because The Muslim Brotherhood ordered it.   They ordered Hamas to Cairo as well and that they’d better leave Abbas alone, because they’re all – as in all Muslims – one single entity with the same goals.

Abbas would give up US aid to reconcile with Hamas.

Hamas is officially listed as a terrorist organization. Therefore, the administration is now required to immediately cut off all aid to the newly combined Palestinian Authority – Fatah – Hamas.

Our laws and regulations mean nothing to the Marxist Jihadis in the administration and not only is it more than likely US aid will continue, the dollar amount and additional items sent will quite probably increase exponentially in breadth and width.

Egypt to Hamas: C’mon in, the water’s fine.

We pride ourselves on being pretty prescient around here at Israel Survival Updates. But it really sucks to be right on many predictions, because what’s visibly obvious to be coming next is what we’ve been saying all along (and doing so well before an all-encompassing ‘big picture’ column was published in mid-February) showing a snapshot in the timeline of the ongoing build up to the unthinkable……

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Update 28 April approximately 10:30 am Eastern.

Pulse Opinion Research, LLC, on behalf of Rasmussen Reports:

Sixty-One percent of Americans support defending Israel if it is attacked.

The other thirty-nine percent are the danger, because that’s the administration, media, J-Street and outright anti-Semites.

Israel is on her own.

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The latest from Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas:

Approximately 11am Eastern on 28 April.

Hamas is part of the Palestinian people. I cannot ignore them. They are a part of us and Netanyahu is our partner. We don’t want to choose between the two.”

Abbas is finished. The choice was made long ago by peace lovers who prove they love peace much more than Abbas does.

The Muslim Brotherhood wants and will accept nothing less than the elimination of Israel and Jews.   With this unity agreement, Abbas again calling Netanyahu a ‘partner’ has sealed his fate.

……and to prove that, here’s an update posted 28 April at 3:30pm Eastern:

Hamas leader tells Channel 10 Abbas learned of Palestinian reconciliation deal only after details worked out with Egyptians.

Abbas was cut out of the process and may have never even been considered to be a part of it, because he does negotiate with Israel.

How evil is The Muslim Brotherhood ?

They cut out Abbas and he was Arafat’s hand-picked replacement.

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But wait, there’s more.

CAIRO (Reuters) – Egypt will send a security team to the Gaza Strip to help implement a reconciliation agreement reached by rival Palestinian groups Fatah and Hamas, an Egyptian security source told Reuters on Thursday.

Restructuring and unifying security forces in Hamas-run Gaza is a key condition for the success of the accord, brokered by Egypt on Wednesday to overcome a rift that had stifled a Palestinian drive for independence.

Let’s re-write those paragraphs to be factual.

The Muslim Brotherhood is sending senior members to Palestine to help implement the ordered-by Mullah’s reconciliation agreement mandated to the always-peaceful community organizing groups Fatah and Hamas, a Muslim Brotherhood security source told the complicit media on Thursday.

Restructuring and unifying the individual groups in Palestine is a key condition for the success of the pending Caliphate, being built by The Muslim Brotherhood to overcome any possibility of stifling the drive to official statehood for Palestine and provide the pathway for the soon-to-be elimination of Israel and all Jews world-wide.

Imagine what will happen when they usher Hizbollah into the fold.

=== === === === ===

11:30pm Eastern, 28 April 2011.

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad used his weekly address to tell listeners the PA would be making unilateral moves to establish Jerusalem as the capital for a PA state.

He’s not talking about just East Jerusalem.

This despite claims by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday that he is ready to sit down and talk peace with Israelis.

Abbas is now basically out of the picture, except when they need his face on camera for The UN.   When they don’t need him any more at all – and that will be soon – expect to see his head in a basket.

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Update, 12:05am Eastern, 29 April

Jerusalem Post:

US to reconsider PA funding following unity deal.

The Palestinian government remains in place despite a reconciliation deal between the two main Palestinian factions and US aid continues to flow to it, US State Department spokeswoman Heide Bronke-Fulton said on Thursday, saying it would review aid if a new one is formed.

If it’s not instantly obvious to you, here’s what the oh-so-friendly-to-Israel Obama administration will demand in order to “reconsider” sending all that aid to the genocidal Muslims:

If Israel wants America to even consider cutting off aid to it’s new peace partners in Palestine, then Israel will need to immediately and permanently evacuate all citizens from Palestine’s territory.

Oh right. Silly Me. I keep forgetting “it can’t happen here”.

=== === === === ===

Update — 6:30am Eastern 29 April.

Israel National News.

Four opinions from Four Israelis.

Ex-Ambassador to Egypt, Sweden and Romania Tzvi Maz’el: We must deal with this on the diplomatic and informational levels……

I’m tired of listening to you talking in rhymes.
Twisting round to make me think you’re straight down the line.
All you do to me is talk talk……

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon: Let us not scare ourselves with ungrounded theories. The Palestinian move for unilateral recognition is a threat with nothing behind it, and will not serve the Palestinians.

‘It can’t happen here.’

Danny Dayan, Chairman of the Yesha Council of Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria: While the Palestinians claim this area with lies and distortions, we must present the People of Israel’s unshakeable claim to its homeland and its intention to actualize this right. But if the Arabs talks about national rights and Israel demands only security, the game is lost from the beginning.

Now we’re gettin’ somewhere.

David Wilder, Spokesman for the Hevron Jewish Community: The conflict between Hamas and Fatah [never had] anything to do with ideology. Both agree that the state of Israel is an insufferable thorn in the collective throats of the Arabs that must be plucked out of existence at the first opportunity. Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) certainly hasn’t changed his life’s philosophy, which he expressed while planning the 1974 Ma’alot massacre and funding the 1972 Olympic terror killings in Germany.

Gee, where have we heard that said before — that Hamas and Fatah (PA) have the same goals, just a slightly different playbook to get there and when they’re brought together, Israel will be literally at the brink of being attacked — Oh yeah, it was me…… and I’ve been saying it for the past umpteen years even before the interwebby thing existed for us typical bitter clinging civilians.

Again, imagine what will happen when they usher Hizbollah into the fold.

=== === === === ===

Update – 29 April approx. 12:45pm Eastern.

Hamas PM Haniyeh says to PA Boss Abbas:  “Yes we can”.

Haniyeh said that there was no justification for recognizing the “Israeli entity” in wake of Israel’s objection to Palestinian rights and unity.

“Their presence on our land is illegal and cannot be recognized,”the Hamas leader said.

Earlier, Haniyeh stressed that the temporary Palestinian government to be established following the unity deal will not embark on negotiations with Israel. He also made it clear that his group had no intention of recognizing the Jewish state.

Compared to the peace lovers taking over, Mr. Abbas is a knight in shining armor, kitten-in-a-tree-rescuer and all-around good egg.

=== === === === ===

Update — 10:15pm 29 April.

It’s about time…… The Agenda 21 maniacs finally weighed in. Was gettin’ worried they weren’t paying attention.

“The Secretary-General welcomes efforts being made to promote Palestinian reconciliation and the important contribution of Egypt in this regard,” UN spokesman Martin Nesirky said in a statement.

He hopes that reconciliation will now take place in a manner that promotes the cause of peace, security and non-violence,” he said.

To give UN Sec. Gen. Ban Ki Moon the nickname “Tommy” is easy, but he’s not deaf, dumb and blind. Not even close. What he is happens to be the current boss of The UN, who is on their own ‘Jihad’ in the form of Agenda 21.

What’s that agenda thingy you ask ?


UN Agenda 21 is the combination of ICR2P and ICLEI, plus several other lovely alphabet-soup acronyms of UN agencies and NGO’s.

ICLEI = The International Coalition For Local Environmental Initiatives.
a.k.a.: Green Totalitarianism on a local level in your day to day life.

ICR2P = The International Coalition For The Responsibility To Protect.
a.k.a.: One-World Governance Totalitarianism.

Yes, I see you nodding your head you remember that R2P term from when the Libya mess kicked into high gear.   But ICR2P and ICLEI have been around much longer and unless you’ve been following a few of us around the block and have done some research, they’re much more dangerous than you may realize or think.

Have a look at this Israel Survival Updates column from March 25th:  The Responsibility To Protect.

It’s a really good bet The UN honestly believes they can control the peace lovers as part of their building one-world government.

If it wasn’t so damn dangerous – world war kinda dangerous – it would actually make for some great comedy.

=== === === === ===

The Muslim Brotherhood is bringing about the consolidation of Muslims under one Caliphate with full-on Shari’a law in place and the instant they’re able to do so regardless of that status, Israel will be attacked en-masse from all directions.

Based on history since 20 January 2009, it makes one wonder what – if anything – the current administration in Washington DC will do when it happens.

“If” is off the table now.

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates
Everything I need to know about Islam I learned at the age of 13 on September 5th 1972.

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7 Responses to The Unity Government

  1. EastBayLarry says:

    Israel definition of peace: Lack of conflict with neighbors/world.
    Hamas/Fatah definition of peace: No jews left alive.

    • kennysolomon says:

      ……and with The Muslim Brotherhood going to Gaza to ‘assist’ the merger, things are gonna start happening quick.

      May 15th is Israeli Independence Day…… Eyes wide open, situational awareness at peak performance is mandatory.

      The peace lovers are completely symbolic in getting their genocidal message across.

  2. bobmontgomery says:

    Well, the good news is that Panetta, who didn’t know who the ‘rebels’ in Libya are,, is now going to be put in charge of the defense of the United States and Israel. And David Petraeus, who stood on the battlefield in Afghanistan and blamed a preacher in Florida for the deaths of people under Petraeus’ cognizance in Afghanistan, is going to be tasked with finding out who the rebels in Libya are…..just in the nick of time! Or not.

    • kennysolomon says:

      Bob, thanks for popping in to say hi.

      My take on these folks – and I really don’t like including The General in this description – but the political shoe fits like a glove now……

      There is no way in all that’s holy I trust any of those people to do the right thing by America or Israel.

      Not even remotely.

      • bobmontgomery says:

        There is no time before a new administration can come in and do damage control. All this stuff came very quickly over there (of course planning was going on all the time). Which means there is going to be a crisis, and how this administration will respond is indicated by how they responded to Libya – Keystone cops, shooting hoops and campaigning. We, and the Israelis looking to the West for support, are desperate for some adults in the room.

        • kennysolomon says:

          What if they’re not inept and this madness is all part of the short-term and long-range planning ?

          To paraphrase something from the book ‘The Hunt For Red October, “Son, these Marxist-Jihadis don’t even take a dump without a plan.”

  3. luchadora41 says:

    As I believe Obama is a Saudi Muslim Brotherhood plant, I very much regret to say that I don’t expect him to support Israel. We see Daniel 11 happening, and I pray to God America wakes up and supports Israel, our only ally, in her time of greatest need. I pray for Israel at all times, and Abbas, like Obama and the rest, are just puppets on a string to be played out in these End Times. May God bless us all and may we see an outpouring of His Holy Spirit as we traverse through these historic and prophetic times. We can know one thing, though. God has the best in store for us, all who call out to His Name.

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