An ‘unknown armed gang’ in The Sinai Peninsula blows up pipeline supplying gas to Israel.

They’re not an “unknown armed gang”.

They’re Muslims.

Say it.

Muslims — Muhhz Liimmz — Peace Lovers.

Saboteurs blew up a pipeline running through Egypt’s North Sinai on Wednesday that supplies gas to Israel and Jordan, a security source told Reuters Wednesday.

“An unknown armed gang attacked the gas pipeline near Arish city,” the security source said, adding that the flow of gas to Israel and Jordan had been hit.

“Authorities closed the main source of gas supplying the pipeline and are working to extinguish the fire,” the source said, adding there was a tower of flame at the scene.

Israel gets 40 percent of its natural gas from Egypt, a deal built on their landmark 1979 peace accord.

If you didn’t know……

One month ago, the same pipeline was attacked by ‘gunmen’, but that was just another totally isolated incident, unconnected to anything else, because the new attack was by ‘saboteurs’, not ‘gunmen’.

The pipeline was also attacked on February 5th and it wasn’t a gas leak by any stretch of anyone’s imagination, proven to be a bomb less than 24 hours after the Taqiya reporting began.

I’m betting the gas will never flow to Israel again, due to what will be explained in the Taqiya way of life as ‘way too many problems and difficulties in repairing the breaches and the added costs in manpower and money to secure the pipeline carrying Allah’s energy to Teh Eeeeevil Jooooooooooos’.

Gee, I’m being a tad cynical and snarky there, eh ?

State-owned Israel Electric Corp said on Wednesday it was preparing to keep its power plants running after saboteurs blew up an Egyptian pipeline that supplies natural gas to Israel and Jordan.

The company’s management will use all resources at its disposal to guarantee the continued orderly supply of electricity, including using other fuels in accordance with regulations and in cooperation with the Infrastructure Ministry and the Environment Ministry,” the utility said in a statement.

And Israel should stick a boot directly into the nads of the peace lovers while keeping the electricity flowing.

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Editorial column at The Jerusalem Post, 27 April.

Famed author Thomas Mann once asserted that “everything is politics.”   The ongoing controversy in Egypt about its gas sales to Israel would have certainly vindicated Mann’s contention and then some.

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One Response to An ‘unknown armed gang’ in The Sinai Peninsula blows up pipeline supplying gas to Israel.

  1. Do we know who owns that pipeline? There are a lot of companies over there. BP, Noble and Chevron I think as well. They should be having mega-security.

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