The Muslim Brotherhood is now known as ‘The Freedom And Justice Party’.


But wait…… There’s more.

The Muslim Brotherhood Freedom And Justice Party will soon take over Egypt — The Caliphate is already forming.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, the country’s powerful opposition movement, announced on Saturday the formation of a party to contest up to half of parliament’s seats in a September election.

Mohammed Hussein, the group’s secretary general, said at a news conference that the movement’s consultative council decided at a meeting to adopt a decision to form the new Freedom and Justice Party.

“We have adopted the measures taken by the guidance council regarding the Freedom and Justice Party and adopted its program,” he said.

That’s the reality.

Here’s the Taqiya:

Since Mubarak’s rule was ended by a mass uprising, the Brotherhood has stated that it does not seek power, and has said it will not seek the presidency or a majority in parliament.

The group is viewed with suspicion by Washington but is regarded as the only truly organized bloc in Egypt and reckons it could win up to 30 percent of votes in a free election.

“Viewed with suspicion by Washington ?”…… Horse Hockey.

The Obama administration loves The Muslim Brotherhood.

Click and read Mr. Andrew McCarthy’s column entitled Obama & the Muslim Brotherhood, continued.

It’s not like anyone’s said before today that The Muslim Brotherhood The Freedom And Justice Party was going to take over Egypt (and every other Muslim nation).

Egypt removes all restrictions on political parties.

Not at all.
Egypt’s “Modesty Police”.

Not a peep about it.
A one-day trip through The Med and The Gulf.

Poison gas ?…… What poison gas ?

It can’t happen here.
The Unity Government.

10…… 9…… 8…… 7………………

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