His name is Avi Be’eri.

Born in Guinea, at 15 years old he was sold into slavery.
He’s now 21 and an IDF Second Lieutenant.

The 21-year old, whose real name is actually Ibrahim, was born in the city of Labe in Guinea.  When he was a year old his father died of cancer and he and his mother moved in with his uncle.  His mother always emphasized the importance of an education and even saved up money to send him to school.  But when he was just 13 years old she died and he was left alone in the world.

On Tuesday he is set to complete his officers’ course and will then be promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant.  “I really do feel like someone who is making history,” he says with pride.  “Who would have believed that I, who arrived in this country with nothing, sat in prison and was nearly deported, would become an IDF officer and serve at the IDF adjutancy helping Israelis integrate into the army?”

Israel Survival Updates sends a deeply felt “Mazel Tov !” to Lt. Be’eri.

If y’all don’t know, ‘Mazel Tov’ is Hebrew for Git-R-Done ! 😉

— — — — —

Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

Shema Yisroel Adonai Elohenu, Adonai Echad.

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2 Responses to His name is Avi Be’eri.

  1. The death of Osama is a good thing, a valuable thing, the life of
    Lt. Be’eri is of much greater significance in a thousand ways.

    • kennysolomon says:

      Hi Jonathan.

      Thanks for popping by and commenting.

      I would love to meet Lt. Be’eri and lift a glass to the homeland of ‘our people’ and simply say to him “thank you”.

      Cheers !


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