They spin the world……

Some headlines of the morning.

Muslim Judge On Israel’s Supreme Court Says ‘Diversity Rules’.

Judge Salim Joubran, currently on a tour of the United States, told a group of attorneys and judges at the Miller Canfield law firm in Detroit on Tuesday that Israel is a diverse country.

How the hell did this guy get on Israel’s Supreme Court ?

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Hey Ban-Ki, they wrote you a letter.

A letter to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon from Yesha Leaders explains that the Bible, the Quran, and international agreements document Israel as being the Land of the Jewish People.

Are Israelis so delusional they think The United Nations gives a damn about any religion other than one-world Statism ?

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Three Muslim Knesset members attend Unity Government signing.

“It would best for the People of Israel to thoroughly recognize these representatives of Israeli Arabs in the Knesset and understand they support Hamas and identify with the worst of our enemies. They always participate in celebrations of happiness after the murder of Jews.”

It would be best for The People Of Israel to wake up and be proactive.

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Typical bitter Allah-clinger espouses typical bitter Allah-clinging.

Nabil Saath, senior aide to Mahmoud Abbas says: …..demands that Hamas renounce violence and recognize Israel “are unfair, unworkable and do not make sense.”

Israel, y’all better tool up heavy and do it fast.

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