Hillary Clinton Won’t Rule Out Dealing With Hamas-Fatah Unity Government

Of course not.

Why should she rule out talking with her ‘peace partners’ ?

What needs to be said next wouldn’t be within the bounds of that new tone and civility nonsense……  Not even remotely close.

Speaking in Rome, Clinton was asked if the deal closed the door on negotiations between Israel and the PA for the foreseeable future.  She evaded a direct answer, and said that there were “many steps that have yet to be undertaken in order to implement the agreement” between Hamas and Fatah.

Clinton added that “we are going to be carefully assessing what this actually means because there are a number of different potential meanings to it, both on paper and in practice.”

Mme. Secretary, here’s your ‘practice’: The Muslims have only a few goals and they begin by their creating a world without Israel and Jews and then destroying and/or subjugating western civilized societies.

Think about the meaning of it and then let us kn…… Oh…… Wait…… You already did let us know by having Harold Koh and Samantha Power-Sunstein on your senior staff.

Must also be nice to have had a family photo taken back in the day with your bestest-buddy-evah.

Every time we think this administration and the leftists involved couldn’t sink lower than whale turd in the Marianas Trench, they outdo themselves in exponential leaps.

And if  this ‘Unity Government’ thingamajig is new to you, find out more here, here, here, here and here.

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One Response to Hillary Clinton Won’t Rule Out Dealing With Hamas-Fatah Unity Government

  1. Andreas K. says:

    The German Green party, reportedly, wants to negotiate with the taliban and German foreign minister Westerwelle has demanded more respect for islam, right after bin Laden tried to stop a bullet with his eyeball.

    The whole world has gone nuts.

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