All air travel within and from Israel suspended due to fuel contamination…… UPDATE — Back in business.

UPDATE — It’s not just jet fuel and it’s not localized.

UPDATE 2 — Emergency jet fuel supply to be released.

UPDATE 3 — Flights to resume at midnight local time (6pm Eastern US)

UPDATE 4 — Back in business.

I’m STILL sure there’s a reasonable technical glitch that caused this, because it’s completely out of the question that anyone anywhere would want to do anything untoward against Israel.

……and if you believe that…………

All domestic and international flight departures have been grounded until further announcement, due to contamination of the fuel supply.

The announcement was made around 2:30 PM Thursday afternoon (Ed note: That’s 8:30am Eastern US), leaving thousands of passengers – including even those in planes that had not yet taken off – unwillingly tethered to the Holy Land.

UPDATE – 5 May approx. 7pm local time (1pm Eastern US).

As loathe as I am to link to ‘The MSNBC Of Israel’, Ha’aretz Daily has some interesting information regarding this ‘anomaly’.

It’s not just jet fuel and it’s not just today.

The symptoms of the contaminated jet fuel which halted flights out of Ben-Gurion International Airport on Thursday were seen in recent weeks in buses and trucks across Israel, TheMarker reported.

The contaminated fuel contains unidentified greasy liquid parts that get stuck in the filter of gas pipelines, damaging the tank of the vehicle. This same type of fuel is what halted flights departing from Ben-Gurion airport, stranding thousands of passengers awaiting information on their flights

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ?!?!?

Will somebody figure out what’s going on and do it quick ?

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UPDATE — 5 May approx. 8:20 pm local time (2:20pm Eastern US).

Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz (Likud) on Thursday called the incident “a severe matter” and said that he has instructed the heads of his ministry to launch an emergency team that will probe how the contamination occurred.

He said that clearing the stranded flights was an immediate priority and that he will ensure that the necessary emergency fuel reserves are supplied in order to achieve that goal.

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UPDATE — 5 May approx 11pm local time (5pm Eastern US).

Flights to resume at midnight local Israel time (6pm Eastern US).

To aid in the resumption of flights from Ben Gurion, Paz, Israel’s largest gas company, agreed to loan tens of fuel trucks to the airport.

Israel’s airport authority estimated flights will resume at Ben Gurion at midnight.  Planes will be given enough fuel to safely reach Larnaca Airport in Cyprus for fueling before proceeding to their final destinations.

El Al said it canceled some 20 flights Thursday and provided full refunds to passengers.

Israel Airports Authority spokesman Adar Avisar said Thursday the cause of the contamination remains unknown, but that it was spotted before any planes could take off with contaminated fuel.

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UPDATE — 6 May approx. 00:20 (6:20pm Eastern US).

Back In Business.

Flights out of Ben-Gurion Airport resumed late Thursday night following a frantic day of cancellations and stranded passengers due to contamination in the airport’s aviation fuel supply.

Approximately 1,500 passengers suffered delays. People whose flights were canceled were offered a choice between a refund or a new ticket to their destination at a later date at no extra charge, an El Al spokeswoman told The Jerusalem Post. She added that most passengers were local so there was no need for the airline to book hotel rooms for them.

But some Israeli passengers coming back from European destinations were stuck in Europe, as the planes they were intended to board would need to refuel after landing in Ben Gurion. These passengers were offered a free night at a hotel room.

Now on to fixing and preventing the problem from occurring again…… Whatever the cause may turn out to be.

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It’s still real easy to speculate how on real easy it is to speculate on how real easy it is to screw around with a small nation’s fuel supplies…… Especially when that small nation just had it’s natural gas shut off from a now-enemy nation.

That being said, please see the comment below by I.S.U. reader ‘blert’ for a possible cause of the contamination.

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3 Responses to All air travel within and from Israel suspended due to fuel contamination…… UPDATE — Back in business.

  1. […] Something contaminated the air fuel supply at Israeli airports, so flights out of Israel have been grounded until it can be cleaned up. […]

  2. blert says:

    Ages ago bacteria were found to produce this very problem.

    Dehydration and intense filtering produced wonders.

    Be on the look out for saboteurs injecting contaminated water downstream of the filters.

    BTW, de-watering filters are not sized to stop saboteurs. If enough water is injected their capacity is overwhelmed.

    One can expect the authorities to go over their distribution system with a fine comb.

    ( Bacteria co-produce acids which corrode the tankage, too. )

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