Surprise ! — Jordan’s King Abdullah Loves The Unity Government.

Israel’s ‘peace partner’ is partial to only one type of peace.

Whata shocka.

Underscoring the chill in relations between Israel and Jordan since his ascension to the throne in 1999, King Abdullah II on Wednesday welcomed Cairo’s Fatah-Hamas reconciliation.

The King’s remarks, publicized in a Royal Court document, were made during a meeting with Fatah and Hamas emissaries who came to express their appreciation for Abdullah’s support for their aspirations.

Hey Israel, do me a favor…… When you get attacked from all sides at once, don’t say some of us didn’t warn y’all it was a-comin’.

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates
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One Response to Surprise ! — Jordan’s King Abdullah Loves The Unity Government.

  1. Been to Jordan. Stayed at the Radisson Amman that got bombed a couple years later. Guess Abdullah didn’t learn his lesson.

    Don’t lie down with the Devil.

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