Airlines accuse Paz Oil over contaminated jet fuel and diesel.

That’s just peachy, but NOBODY has a clue what’s going on !

Airlines are blaming Paz Oil Company Ltd. (TASE:PZOL), whose subsidiary Paz Aviation Assets Ltd. has the aviation fuel services contract.  The airlines assert that Paz failed to invest enough in regular maintenance of the pipelines.

Paz says that the accusations are not worthy of response.  In response to claims that it is basically a monopoly, the company says that the plane refueling pipeline system at Ben Gurion Airport is complicated and sensitive, and that its operations would be economically unviable if it were split between several companies.

Just in case you don’t know what’s going on and/or you’ve not seen this in American media…… and it’s a long shot that Fox News is even paying attention…… ‘A little problem’ came to light on May 5th.

Jet fuel and Diesel throughout Israel is contaminated.


The mysterious substance has yet to be identified and all domestic flights are still grounded.

Yeah, no biggie…… All domestic flights are canceled and international flights are getting enough good ‘go juice’ to make it to Jordan and/or Cyprus for full fueling.

What could go wrong ?

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