Confusion abounds — Israel domestic air flights to resume — U.S. refuses to do tests on contaminated fuel.

Will somebody PLEASE tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…… So help them God ?

……and W.T.F. is up with the US Air Force REFUSING to test the fuel for what contaminated it ?

On Sunday evening, Paz announced that the refueling of aircraft at Ben-Gurion Airport can resume, following a large number of lab tests carried out in Israel since Thursday.

They added that as of Sunday evening, it was still too early to gauge the effects of the fuel crisis.

Paz gave the airports the go ahead after tests in Israeli labs showed that the foreign substance found in the fuel system’s filters did not pose a threat, though its exact makeup has yet to be determined.

Samples of the greasy liquid were sent on Friday to be examined at a US Air Force lab in Germany, but the lab has so far refused to perform the tests.


1. The news is finally released, after at least a week of dealing with ‘a problem’, that jet fuel and diesel throughout Israel are contaminated with ‘something’…… International and domestic flights grounded.

2. Israel outsourced testing the fuel, but did not identify the lab, other than that it was in Germany.  There was also NO indication that there was testing of this fuel within Israel.

3. Israel outsources ‘good’ jet fuel and international flights resume, domestic still grounded.

4. Airlines are blaming the oil company for the problems.

5. NOBODY has a clue what the contaminant is, but everyone keeps saying it’s ‘harmless’, so domestic flights will resume.

=== === === === ===

Question: Why would Israel’s biggest, bestest and baddest ally refuse to test this jet fuel and diesel ?

Somebody hiding something ?

Right…… It can’t happen here.

=== === === === ===

I need a drink.

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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