The mysterious substance has yet to be identified and all domestic flights are still grounded.

How long is it, Sir ?

That’s a rather personal question, isn’t it ?

Remember this ?   Israel’s got bad gas and Beano ain’t gonna fix it.


Three days have passed since a mysterious jet fuel contamination brought air traffic at Ben Gurion International Airport to a halt, and authorities still do not know what caused the problem.

Paz Aviation Assets, one of the airport’s two major jet fuel providers, said Sunday that the German laboratory which received the contaminated fuel samples has yet to begin testing them.

But wait, there’s more.

Three days after Ben Gurion Airport was paralyzed when contaminated jet fuel was found, all domestic Israeli flights were canceled this morning amid additional fears regarding the same problem.

International flights are operating normally with carriers aware of the problem and refueling in neighboring countries where necessary.

At this stage it is not possible to estimate the financial damage to Israeli airlines, nor to Paz Oil Company Ltd. (TASE:PZOL) whose unit Paz Aviation Services and Assets Ltd. has the aviation fuel services contract.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ?!?

Flights canceled AGAIN ?!?

They haven’t starte…… Choo gotta bee keedeenk mee, maing ?!?

What in the wide wide world of sports is a-goin’ on here ?!?

Wait…… The samples were sent WHERE ?!?

Y’all ever hear of ‘in-house testing’ ?…… Especially when the ‘in-house’ nation has some of the finest and most advanced technology and scientists on the planet.

The smell test is getting smellier.

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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One Response to The mysterious substance has yet to be identified and all domestic flights are still grounded.

  1. Andreas K. says:

    Smells of large scale sabotage to me.

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