Israel jet fuel-diesel contamination — The money is starting to talk.

This was just a matter of time — Insurance.

……and it’s another dimension to the smell test that’s failing miserably at an ever-increasing rate.

An article from ‘Globes’, the Israel business journal.

The financial report for 2010 of Paz Oil Company Ltd. states that its subsidiary, Paz Aviation Assets Ltd., “could face exposure to claims in the event of problems in the quality of fuels caused before their arrival at planes.”  Paz and Mercury Aviation Israel Ltd. are the two companies responsible for such problems from the refueling points to the planes.  Both companies receive fuel from Paz Aviation Assets Ltd.

Gut instinct:  This has nothing to do with money or insurance.

Still looking for even a remote reason that The United States is refusing to test-for-contaminant-source, the samples of jet fuel and diesel sent by Israel.

It couldn’t be political, right ?…… and there’s no way it could be because ‘something amiss’ is going on at a tin-foil-hat / conspiracy-theory level, right ?

Naaaaaaah…… It can’t happen here.

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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