“An impermissible act of public expression”

Really ?

In The United States Of America ?

This happened at the end of March and is just getting exposure now.

Video at Fox News.

California DOT Rejects Veterans Memorial Due To The American Flag.

“An impermissible act of public expression.”

Note: An advert will play before the report.


Article from KCOY Central Coast News on 31 March.

Caltrans is denying a permit for the monument and memorial citing a 2003 court ruling.

“The mandate from the United States court is that we cannot be in a position of approving a message or monument from a veterans group and then deny numerous other groups the same opportunity”, says Caltrans spokesperson Jim Shivers, “if we were to allow this particular veterans monument to go in we would then be bound to accept and allow every other monument to go in or any other message to be approved.”

What’s next….. Will the state demand you take the flag off your vehicle because it’s on a public roadway ?

Boole Sheet.

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The Memorial:

Old Town Orcutt Gateway Monument –A Project By OTORA.

They can use some help, so please donate what you can.

I did.

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4 Responses to “An impermissible act of public expression”

  1. Dan says:

    Do you have an islamoFascist mole in your employ? I submitted a comment (now forgotten) and you deleted it because I hadn’t entered “reaquired” info. Hey!! Only the e-mail field has a red asterisk. “Name” does NOT have an entry field.

    I punted, and put my name in the field labeled “Email,” and my e-mail address in the field labeled “Website.”

    You need a new Webmaster.

  2. Dan says:

    Now, I’ll try to recall my original submittal:

    Any government drone, or judge, or combination thereof, who/which denies flying old glory at a veterans’ memorial, should be staked in an ant bed for 15 days, minimum. I hereby offer this penalty for inclusion in the laws of the state of California. No. Wait. Make that the laws of the U.S. of A.

    • kennysolomon says:

      Hi Dan.

      Thanks for popping by and commenting.

      I’d cover ’em in honey too. 😉

      Regarding deletion of comments here at I.S.U., only spam gets whacked and most of that is done automatically. Highly doubtful a legitimate comment was deleted.

      Only one time a comment was even edited – That was to make it easier for others to read it – and it was posted with what was done as an ‘ed. note’ (separated paragraphs).

      As for a mailing list, there isn’t one for the site, but there’s a way to subscribe and receive new posts as they go up.

      Cheers and thanks again !

      Kenny Solomon

  3. Dan says:

    Please include my email addr in your mailing list.

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