Jet fuel contaminant may be in national pipelines.

Update on Israel’s jet fuel and diesel problem.

From ‘Globes’, Israel’s business journal.

The latest tests indicate that the contamination that caused air traffic chaos did not originate at Ben Gurion Airport.

The contamination in jet fuel that led to planes being grounded at Ben Gurion Airport last week has been discovered in checks from the fuel tank terminal at Bilu Junction, Yossi Arieh, head of the Israel Institute of Energy and Environment told “Globes” today. This means that the source of the contamination may not be at the airport at all, but at some point along the national system of pipelines owned by government company Petroleum & Energy Infrastructures Ltd. (PEI).

It’s been one week…… Nobody has a clue what the contaminant is and The US government is still refusing to assist Israel on the matter.

If you’re new to this ‘little’ item, please click the links below for the original, as-it-happened articles regarding a major problem in Israel that’s basically being ignored outside the nation.

May 5th – All air travel within and from Israel suspended due to fuel contamination.

May 8th – The mysterious substance has yet to be identified and all domestic flights are still grounded.

May 8th – Airlines accuse Paz Oil over contaminated jet fuel and diesel.

May 8th – Confusion abounds — Israel domestic air flights to resume — U.S. refuses to do tests on contaminated fuel.

May 9th – Israel jet fuel-diesel contamination — The money is starting to talk.

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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2 Responses to Jet fuel contaminant may be in national pipelines.

  1. Is this sabotage from within or outside or inadvertant? Any ideas?

    • kennysolomon says:

      Nobody’s saying boo and now, pretty much the sole media coverage this whole mess is getting emanates from an Israeli business news journal called “Globes”.

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