Muslim Brotherhood moving to officially seize Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood senior member: “I will run as an independent candidate in the coming presidential elections. I am not a member of any party now.”

Independent…… Riiiiiiight…… and chickens have lips.

Lesson number one – It’s called Taqiya. Look it up.

Lesson number two – If in doubt, repeat lesson number one.

Abul Futuh said his move did not mean the Brotherhood had changed tack. “The Brotherhood as a group is not competing for the presidency and is now separating its mandates, a move I had called for four years ago,” he said, a reference to a new political party the Brotherhood has set up.

Under Mubarak, the group fielded candidates as independents in elections, skirting a ban on its political activities and maintaining a nationwide organization others lacked.

A poll published on April 22 in the staterun Ahram newspaper showed Abul Futuh and outgoing Arab League chief Amr Moussa, with the highest voter support at 20 percent, while Mohamed ElBaradei, a retired U.N. diplomat, had 12 percent support.

If it wasn’t such a deadly thing, it would be almost amusing how long it’s taking for people to realize that all those candidates are Muslim Brotherhood genocidal maniacs.

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Kenny Solomon
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