Israel fuel crisis is officially over – They’re ignoring it all – Nobody cares.

I don’t believe what I’m reading…… Now it’s your turn.

The Israel Airports Authority (IAA) last night declared that the jet fuel crisis is officially over.

The IAA said that the stocks of jet fuel at Ben Gurion Airport are in order and fit for use.

From this morning, aircraft taking off from Israel will not be required to inspect their fuel tanks.

The airlines said that they do not plan waiting until enquiries discover who was at fault and somebody takes responsibility.

‘Scuse me for a second…… (Picks up AR, loads magazine, rakes charging handle, aims………Safety on ‘A’……………………………………… OK, that’s better.)

Has everyone over there come unglued ?!?!?

They still don’t know WHAT the contaminant was, let alone how it got in the system…… but everything’s okee-dokee ?!?!?

OK, Terrific.

Click here for the timeline up to this posting.

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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One Response to Israel fuel crisis is officially over – They’re ignoring it all – Nobody cares.

  1. In any type of business this is the way it works. When the immediate crisis is over, look into what happened or caused it and not wait to resume. I’m sure there is plenty of pressure from the airlines and business travelers.

    I wasn’t in favor of shutting down drilling in the Gulf because one rig blew but Obama did it any how and didn’t wait to see what caused it.

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