Her name was Paris Talley.

She was twenty-eight days old.

Her mother murdered her.

China Arnold, 31, was convicted of aggravated murder in the death of 28-day-old Paris Talley on Aug. 30, 2005, at her home at 415 Hall Ave. in the since-demolished Parkside Homes public housing complex.

Arnold, who cried when the verdict was read, could face the death penalty. The sentencing phase of the trial begins Monday.

Take a good long look at Ms. China Arnold.

She killed her twenty-eight-day-old daughter by stuffing the baby in a microwave oven and turning it on.

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Crystal McGhee, Arnold’s aunt, said that she did not believe Arnold could get a fair trial in Dayton due to pre-trial publicity. “She was a good mother,” McGhee said. “I watched her raise her children.”

Bishop Richard Cox, the president of the Dayton chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, attended the trial daily. “We still believe she is innocent,” Cox said. “She needs to be set free.”

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“Baby Paris is without life, but she’s not without a voice,” assistant county prosecutor Dan Brandt told the jury during his closing argument. “Please listen to her.”

Brandt said that Arnold’s actions were “even more purposeful” than a slaying with a gun or a knife. Arnold had to carry the baby over, place her in the microwave, shut the door, then press buttons. Then she waited while her child cooked to death, Brandt said. “If that’s not purposeful, what is?” Brandt asked.

Back in ’05 when news of Baby Paris Talley’s murder broke, the skies cried and a large amount of faith in humanity eroded into dust.

Of course, the usual hate-based suspects immediately surrounded this candidate for mother-of-the-century and somehow, whatever she did in her entire life wasn’t her fault.

Ms. Arnold, it is with over five-and-one-half years of deep-seated vitriol towards you and anyone who would defend your actions via obfuscation and ‘social justice’ goals, that the term Burn In Hell For All Eternity be used.  May God NOT have mercy on your soul.

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My deepest respect and admiration remains solid towards law enforcement officers for their incredible ability to show restraint and humanity in the presence of true evil.


Kenny Solomon
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7 Responses to Her name was Paris Talley.

  1. Andreas K. says:

    I guess Paris Talley committed suicide, right Bishop Richard Cox and auntie McGhee? Or maybe Bush did it, and the Jews.

    How can anyone do something like this? I don’t get it. Of course, I’m pretty sure that the defense called in tons of psychologists who came with the usual excuses, but I’m glad that the jury didn’t buy any of this nonsense.

    She didn’t just wait for her child to cook to death. It was only a baby, but those can be pretty loud and babies scream when they’re in pain. Paris Talley must have screamed on top of her little lungs. China Arnold (oh the irony in that name in a case like this!) heard those screams and she chose to not do anything.

    In my book there can only be one verdict: death, death, death, and not by gas, injection or long drop. Certainly not.

    As you may remember Kenny, I have a, now, 11 year old niece, and 3 god-daughters (almost 1, almost 3 and almost 5 years old). If anyone would even just try something like that with them… there’d be lot of blood after I’d be done with whoever the monster would be.

    Honestly, when I look at that photo, I don’t see a mother, I don’t see a woman, I don’t even see a human being. I see a monster.

    Let me get to the point as to why I find her name ironic, actually a really horrifying irony. The so called People’s Republic of China has a history of murdering more than 15 million baby girls ever since the one child policy was introduced and, well, Arnold should be obvious.

    And again, hooray to the jury for not falling for the usual cheap tricks by the defense. It’s something I’ve noticed in Japan as well. They introduced a lay judge system a few years ago and everybody was like “Oh, there won’t be as many death penalties with this system”, though, looking at the big cases since the introduction… Now mind you, I don’t have a study about this, but just going by a really crappy estimate by myself I’d say that the penalties in trials with lay judges seem to be harsher than in the old system.

    • kennysolomon says:

      Hi Andreas.

      I remember many a time you mentioning your nieces and their protection being paramount.

      This ‘mother’ has violated her rights to be considered human…… What she did is not a ‘human failing’, nor simply criminal.

      Beyond evil is a starting point.

  2. Jane Novak says:

    among the most horrific crimes I’ve ever heard, its mind boggling.

  3. Jeff says:

    One of the worst parts of this is that there are so many people willing, begging, to adapt a healthy baby.

  4. Actually death is too good for this woman. If I said what I really felt, Kenny would ban me.

  5. janiel says:

    it took me four years to get pregnant — and then i lost my son when he was eleven weeks old, due to the carelessness of a bunch of doctors.

    reading something like this, as well as the cases i read of neglect and abuse when i worked in family court in manhattan brings up emotions (fury being at the top of the list) in me that i cannot even explain. i am NOT in any way,shape or form, a vengeful person. that being said. how anyone could have had the restraint to not put this “mother ” in a microwave and turn it on is beyond miraculous to me.

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