IDF deploys for Nakba Day

This may get very ugly very quickly and escalate even faster.

Pray it doesn’t.

“Nakba,” or “catastrophe,” is the Arab reference for the creation of Israel, which occured on May 15 on the secular calender. Israel celebrated the 63rd anniversary of its creation on Tuesday, in accordance with the Hebrew calendar.

Reinforced police and border guard units equipped with riot gear are being deployed in eastern Jerusalem, the Old City, and the Temple Mount to maintain order.

By the way and just as an aside,  The Peace-Loving ‘Unity Government’ WON’T Contain Nakba Day Rage.  Not ‘can’t’…… Won’t.

Suggestion to Israel:  The IDF deployment should be nationwide, at every linear foot of border, plus in the cities, towns and villages.

Would also be a nice touch if some of that ‘riot gear’ are M134’s.  Them lil’ darlins can ‘maintain order’ quite the nicelyness.

Israel needs to make it loudly known that they will accept nothing from these genocidal maniacs – not one rock thrown, not one ‘Molotov Cocktail’ hurled, not one injury of one Jew anywhere.

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Kenny Solomon
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One Response to IDF deploys for Nakba Day

  1. DMartyr says:

    No doubt, some will scream about the “disproportionate” preparation.

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