Iran hosting international peace conference


……and two rabbis are having a grand old time at the get-together.

Sounds like the lead in to some sort of uber-snarky parody, eh ?

It’s not.

Iran this weekend hosts an international conference on combating terrorism and promoting peace, but organizers left no doubt that their vision of “peace” is not quite universal.

At an event in Tehran Wednesday to promote the “International Conference on Global Alliance against Terrorism for a Just Peace,” the organizers released 195 caged pigeons. The birds, they said, were intended to be a symbolic representation of the world’s countries, “except Israel.”

But wait, there’s more.

US Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, of the organization Jews United Against Zionism, also known as Naturei Karta, along with Canadian Rabbi Yeshaye Rosenberg attended an International conference on Global Alliance against Terrorism for a Just Peace in Tehran on Saturday.

Weiss and Rosenberg spoke with clerics and other Iranian officials during the conference. The rabbis attended the conference, despite it taking place on Shabbat.

Tomorrow is Nabka Day.

That’s when the pace lovers ‘celebrate’ the birth of Israel.

No kiddin’.

By the way, ‘Nabka’ translates as “Catastrophe”.

……and through some sheer coincidence, The Unity Government says they won’t attempt to stop any ‘celebrations’ by their populations.

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Thanks to Roger, a.k.a. @wiskey1249, for the tip on the conference.

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