Nakba Invasions From Lebanon And Gaza

All sides at once, but this is NOT ‘the big one’.

Israel should consider this a ‘test’ for what’s to come when The Muslim Brotherhood officially takes over Egypt, The Unity Government and the rest of the Muslim nations in the upcoming September ‘open and transparent’ elections.

Another posting that will be updated as warranted.

The initial – breaking article at Israel National News.

Lebanese and IDF soldiers shot over heads of Lebanese “Nakba” protesters who crossed the Israeli border Sunday while army tank shells halted a Gaza march that broke through Hamas checkpoints. Two people were killed in Lebanon.

Gaza sources said at least 40 Arabs were wounded by artillery fire. IDF spokespersons have not confirmed or denied the reports.

First video from the Lebanon border via Israeli television. Thanks to Mr. Evan Pockroy – Shalom my friend.

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