Senator John Kerry will ask tough questions to Pakistan leaders.

This event should be good for a laugh or two.

(Reuters) – Senator John Kerry will press Pakistani leaders for answers on Osama bin Laden in talks this week but he will be keen to ensure Pakistani anger over the raid does not subvert vital security cooperation.

Kerry has long been seen as a friend of Pakistan but told reporters in Afghanistan at the weekend that serious questions remained after the killing of bin Laden.

Israel Survival Updates has obtained a partial list of the ‘tough questions’ that will be asked of the Pakistani delegation.

1. “Iced tea, lemonade or a combo of both ?”

2. “What would you gentlemen like for dinner ?”

3. “Do you prefer Cadillac or Lincoln limousines ?”

4. “What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen Swallow ?”

5. “Dudes, those bumps on each of your foreheads, what gives ?  I’ve got a big forehead, but no bump.  It looks kind of cool, like you were in battle together or something.  I want a bump like that.”

I’ll stop now. 😉

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates
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17 Responses to Senator John Kerry will ask tough questions to Pakistan leaders.

  1. taxmaiden says:

    LOL! You are correct; Kerry is an absolute buffoon!

    • kennysolomon says:

      Thanks 🙂

      We must be getting some high-level notice. To get some advance copy of Congressional questioning like that is amazing for a teeny-tiny website.

      I may pop a bottle of Thunderbird or MD 20/20 in celebration.

      • Dennis H Bennett says:

        I can get this stuff on sale if you want more! I think it comes with a free endoscopy and a coupon for Heinz ketshup packets!

  2. Dennis H Bennett says:

    But, but..what do you mean you won’t give me a shiny medal? After all, I should have gotton Hillary’s job because I have a bigger boat than she does.
    And…and…because I’m pretty….and…and…because I can see Obama’s appendix from where I am…..” He is not smarter than a 1st grader! Nor nearly as honest.

  3. Dennis H Bennett says:


  4. Steve MacMillan says:

    Can he get a 5th purple heart while he’s there. I mean it is a combat zone isn’t it?

  5. Horrified in Hollywood says:

    Kerry was proven a liar…….he has as much business in Pakistan as I do. The only good affiliation Kerry has is
    being married to Heinz Ketchup………

  6. Andreas K. says:

    Well, before he asks them anything, he must first make sure that they all exist. Thus his primariy concern must be their birth certificates.


  7. madmike59 says:

    You forgot one important question Kerry will ask. Did you know I served in Viet Nam?

  8. Steve MacMillan says:

    But Kerry got out of there early (all the purple heart damage) and then immediately started badmouthing our soldiers. He was a disgrace to the Navy.

  9. You left out the beer summit. Doubt they’ll be having goat for dinner. Filet mignon flown in by one of the Ketchup Queen’s 747’s.

  10. Aussie Bloke! says:

    Are we sure he is’nt to “Tired” to carry that breifcase full of questions?
    If he carries it he might get to tired to ask any questions,…
    And we all know what questions NEED to be asked,…


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