Syrians Cross Into Golan.

Uh oh.

Initial reports are NOT good.

This posting will be updated as warranted.

The initial breaking article at Israel National News:

IDF Battles Thousands Of Syrians Crossing Into Golan.

I repeat: Uh oh.

Photo from Ynet News showing IDF troops on the Syrian border:
(Click on the photo for the article.)

Each of those soldiers should have an M134 and a sign saying ‘Come and get your “change” here’.

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates
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6 Responses to Syrians Cross Into Golan.

  1. Dennis H Bennett says:

    Agreed, not very good news.
    The only difference with this kind of “escape”, with that of jumping off the World Trade Center in order not to be burned alive, is that there are probably several hundred “Syrian” intel goons embedded in the masses.

  2. Andreas K. says:

    It smells a bit like the Gaza Invasion Fleet.

    Invade, harrass, assault until the IDF men and women have no other choice to fire back with live rounds, then blame Israel.

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