Israel Transport Ministry: Jet fuel contaminant is PROBABLY soot and fiberglass.

They still don’t know what cause it and now, they’re also lying to each other in official capacities.

From one of the world’s most scientifically advanced nations, the following is sickening and needs to be stopped immediately.

Ministry of Transport director general Dan Harel today announced that the jet fuel contamination at Ben Gurion Airport earlier this month was caused during the transport of the fuel from Oil Refineries Ltd. (TASE:ORL) to the airport. “This wasn’t fungus in the fuel tanks, but something in the pipeline. A filter somewhere probably broke,” he told the Knesset Economic Affairs Committee, adding that the contaminant was probably soot and fiberglass.

Israel Airports Authority director general Koby Mor tried to downplay the incident, telling the committee, “Ben Gurion Airport was not closed for even a moment. Everything was working and there were takeoffs and landings all the time.”

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ?!?

The contaminant was a fatty substance and all air travel throughout Israel was halted, not just at Ben Gurion Airport.

The timeline from day one:

All air travel within and from Israel suspended due to fuel contamination…… UPDATE — Back in business.

The mysterious substance has yet to be identified and all domestic flights are still grounded.

Airlines accuse Paz Oil over contaminated jet fuel and diesel.

Confusion abounds — Israel domestic air flights to resume — U.S. refuses to do tests on contaminated fuel.

Israel jet fuel-diesel contamination — The money is starting to talk.

Jet fuel contaminant may be in national pipelines.

Israel fuel crisis is officially over – They’re ignoring it all – Nobody cares.

Politicians are a malignant tumor.

Kenny Solomon
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