At The White House, Code Pink Demands Obama Abandon Israel.

Apparently, Obama agreed.

Video here, plus full details from Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit.

Those lunatics are the true typical bitter clingers.

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Kenny Solomon
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5 Responses to At The White House, Code Pink Demands Obama Abandon Israel.

  1. Horrified in Hollywood says:

    We bought pool supplies from Pinch a Penny twice this week. Code Pink should move to Cuba or Iran since she hates the US so much. Little do they realize that Obama cares nothing about them either. BUT, if we don’t stand with Isreal, we may eventually have no place to stand at all.

  2. Steve MacMillan says:

    Please help the uninitiated. Who is code pink and what does pinch a penny have to do with them?

  3. Andreas K. says:

    A little sharia would do those Pinkos well.

  4. Code Pink is an organization that believes in Communistic values and ideals. It was originally touted as being a womens’ political group (hence the “pink” in the name) that was ‘patriotic’ and ‘pro-America’. But since actions always speak louder than words, the truth eventually came out about this organization…and these people love the United States just as much as Obama and the Middle eastern muslims do!

    Herman Cain just announced his candidacy for the 2012 Presidential nomination! FINALLY…a ray of hope that our country will be saved! Look out, Code Pink. You and Obama are going to HATE Herman Cain! 🙂

  5. […] Kenny Solomon at Israel Survival Updates and posted here with his […]

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