What Should Prime Minister Netanyahu Say To The U.S. Congress ?

A proposed full speech written by the staff of Israel National News.

It’s way too long and of course the long-ingrained mentality of ‘stop with the kicking !‘ and ‘if we’re nice to them, they’ll be nice to us‘ runs rampant throughout the entire missive.

Here’s one small section – three sentences – of INN’s proposed speech for PM Netanyahu to deliver to The US Congress.

It is no secret that of the 120 members of the United Nations General Assembly, 57 are Islamic, and that they vote automatically against Israel no matter what the issue.

The United States of America, along with several other countries, have led the fight against anti-Israel activities in the UN for the 63 years since Israel’s establishment.

We are immeasurably grateful to the Presidents, Cabinet Members, Senators and Congressman who kept the hate and anti-Semitism in check, not allowing them to win another war waged against the Jewish people who have come home after thousands of years in exile.

That second sentence…… Best do the math INN Staff…… Take off the two-plus years for the current U.S. administration in place.

Nowhere in the proposed speech by INN Staff is there a mention of the traitorous J-Street and their outright ownership of many if not most of the Jewish members of The House and Senate.

Nowhere in the proposed speech by INN Staff is there statements of the absolute fact that Islam itself calls for the elimination of Jews.

Nowhere in the proposed speech by INN Staff is there any ackn…… I’d better stop before I lose all that new tone and civility.

But there is one ‘interesting’ item in the proposed speech by INN Staff: They’re calling for the assassination of Iran’s Ahmadenijad.

Hint to the staff of Israel National News: It’s not just Ahmadenijad gearing up. It’s all of ’em in power in Iran – The government, the Mullahs…… all of ’em…… with The Muslim Brotherhood bringing them all together as one.

……and the peace lovers will not ‘stop with the kicking !‘ until the very last of the true believers is no longer standing and met their seventy-two virgin goats in Hell.

What I’d like to hear PM Netanyahu say to Congress as the opening line of his upcoming speech: “Ladies and gentlemen, Representative. Lt. Col. Allen West is the only realistic person in this room.”

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates
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PS…… “Stop with the kicking !”…… That’s a line from Kevin Pollak, comedian and actor, used as the title of his first stand-up comedy DVD…… Hysterical – Just get it – No links – Find it on your own.

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