Teh Eeeeevil Jooooooooooos Are Taking Over Hollywood !

Wait…… I thought we owned it already ?

An article at “Globes”, an Israeli business journal.

Israeli TV series head for Hollywood

Only a few years ago, Israeli scriptwriters, directors, and producers sought to get a foothold in Hollywood to sell Israeli serials with an international orientation to US television studios. Two years ago, Tel Aviv Los Angeles Workshops was opened by studio representatives to help Israeli artists. The studios told the artists that it was better to listen than to fantasize. They said that there was a 1-1,000 chance of success, and that only a few Israeli artists, if any, would achieve their Hollywood dreams.

Even then, however, there was a precedent: the drama series by Haggay Levy, “In Treatment” was sold to the prestigious cable studio HBO. Actress Noa Tishbi mediated the deal, and Israeli artists believed that the dam was about to be breached. They were right.

Can’t help it…… The snark shall flow.

I can see the first planning meeting for the first yet-to-be-written show of any genre: Aunt Beatrice Goldbergstein, chairperson of Lox-‘N-Bagel Studios holds court in the board room.

Sveeties, dahlinks…… Just sit right back and I’ll tell the tale, the tale of a fateful trip. That started out from Haifa’s port aboard a nice and comfy ship that had an amazing buffet all the time and the Captain – what a catch he’d be for my granddaughter who hasn’t called me in a week but I know she loves her Bubbe and then there was th…………


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Kenny Solomon
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