“It can’t happen here”, Part 24,699,852.

Not in a million years would any United States administration simply hand over billions of taxpayer dollars to Egypt and Tunisia The Muslim Brotherhood, helping to finance the pending destruction of Israel and genocide of Jews.

Oh…… Wait……

Today, Israel National News reported……

The United States, Qatar and the World Bank each pledged to give billions of dollars in aid to Egypt this week, in order to help the country boost its economy following the ouster of former president Hosni Mubarak.  U.S. President Barack Obama has promised to relieve Egypt of $1 billion in debt, and has offered an additional $1 billion in loans to improve infrastructure and create new jobs.

The World Bank pledged to provide $4.5 billion over the next 24 months, including at least $1 billion in budget support this year and $1 billion next year “dependent on progress.” The other $2.5 billion will be invested in development projects.  Saudi Arabia has pledged $4 billion in aid, and Qatar is considering projects worth more than $10 billion.

The International Monetary Fund sent a delegation to Cairo this week to discuss the possibility of a loan. Egypt is seeking up to $4 billion from the IMF. Once an IMF agreement is signed, the European Union will decide how much aid to give. EU officials are currently considering giving several hundred million euros.  The G8 is expected to approve a package including billions of dollars in aid and debt swaps.

F.Y.I. – Nine days ago, we posted the following column here at I.S.U.: US President Barack Hussein Obama Offers Aid To Muslim Brotherhood Takeover Of Egypt And Tunisia.

It was a sure bet this was going to happen, because no matter what The People Of The United States say and/or demand and also whatever The US Congress may or may not do to prevent this “aid”, the current President Of The United States will simply and by fiat, order this “aid” delivered post-haste.

— — — — —

Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates
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4 Responses to “It can’t happen here”, Part 24,699,852.

  1. Bruce O'H. says:

    Hi Kenny, I’m sorry to say that I’ve come to expect aid and comfort for our enemies from B. Hussein. Sarah Palin posted a Facebook statement on this issue today…


    Obama’s Strange Strategy: Borrow Foreign Money to Give to Foreign Countries
    by Sarah Palin on Friday, May 27, 2011 at 7:23pm

    Should we be borrowing money from China to turn around and give it to the Muslim Brotherhood?

    Given that we are running massive deficits and are drowning in more than $14 trillion in debt, and despite not knowing who will rule Egypt until its election this fall, this strange strategy may be the end result given President Obama’s announcement that he is committing $2 billion to Egypt’s “new government.” It’s part of a $20 billion foreign aid package laid out with the Group of 8 countries in Europe today.

    Now, given that Egypt has a history of corruption when it comes to utilizing American aid, it is doubtful that the money will really help needy Egyptian people. Couple that with the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood is organized to have a real shot at taking control of Egypt’s government, and one has to ask why we would send money (that we don’t have) into unknown Egyptian hands?

    Throwing borrowed money around is not sound economic policy. And throwing borrowed money around the developing world is not sound foreign policy. Foreign assistance should go to American allies that need it and appreciate it, and for humanitarian purposes when it can truly make a difference.

    Considering the Obama Administration’s continued strange strategies on the economy and foreign policy have us counting down the days to the next election. November 2012 can’t come soon enough.

    – Sarah Palin

    • kennysolomon says:

      Thanks Bruce.

      I’m going to reply to Mrs. Palin’s missive with a short one of my own (and yes, I’m sending it to her directly).

      — — — — —

      Mrs. Palin, I’ve a quick request of you. Please consider immediately avoiding use of terms such as “the Obama Administration’s strange strategies” and implications of the administration’s inexperience and possibly being naive.

      Every single thing The Obama Administration undertakes is geared directly towards a complete and total collapse of The United States as a nation and a society. The administration needs this to occur – their “crisis too good to waste” as it were.

      Please state things plainly and don’t get caught up in the hyperbole of politics, as what’s remaining of The Republican Party is definitely part of the problem at hand in our nation.


  2. BarryinIN says:

    Tick, tick, tick

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