Isa Islam — He just kept on truckin’

What I did, I did not mean,
It was an accident.
What I did, I could not dream,
It was an accident. *

Isa Islam, the 22-year-old truck driver from Kfar Kasm who ploughed into multiple vehicles and a bus earlier this month, killing one person and injuring 17 others in south Tel Aviv, reenacted the incident for police investigators on Saturday morning.

One of the cars struck by Islam was a blue Volkswagen car driven by 29-year-old Aviv Morag, who was on the phone with his father. Morag was instantly killed. The truck driver continued on, smashing into a black jeep, a white Fiat car, flattening a road sign, and striking other vehicles, before suddenly swerving into the opposite lane and smashing sideways into an Egged bus that had just dropped off its last passenger.

I’m sure Mr. Islam had a perfectly plausible and valid explanation for everything that occurred while he was behind the wheel of a dump truck over a 2-kilometer stretch of one of Tel Aviv’s main streets.

If this is a new event for you, the ‘accident’ took place during the Nakba Day ‘celebration’ on May 15th and was extensively covered here at Israel Survival Updates under the title of “Typical bitter Allah-clinger celebrating peace leaves one dead, seventeen injured and vehicles wrecked over a 2-kilometer stretch of Bar Lev Street in Tel Aviv.

Nakba (Naqba) translates to ‘catastrophe’. Muslims ‘celebrate’ Nakba Day every May 15th commemorating the birth of Israel as a nation. The epitome of loving peace shines through.

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates
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* Lyrics at the top are ©1978 by NRBQ

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