Joseph’s Tomb — Again.

This time, the Israeli military forcibly removed Jews from the holy site.

Nablus, West Bank (AP) – The Israeli military says soldiers have forcibly removed dozens of Jewish worshipers who refused to leave a holy site inside a Palestinian city in the West Bank.

An estimated 1,600 worshipers entered the city of Nablus early Monday for nighttime prayers at a site believed to be the tomb of the biblical Joseph. The visit was coordinated with the military and Palestinian security forces. The military says about an additional 200 Israelis went in without permission, and 50 refused to leave the tomb building early Monday. The military said soldiers removed them, arresting three.

The military criticized the Israelis for endangering themselves and the troops guarding the prayers. A Jewish worshiper at the tomb without permission was killed by a Palestinian policeman on April 24.

There is so much wrong with this entire situation…… Don’t know where to start…… So I won’t say a thing other than providing links to previous ‘activities’ at the site.

Muslims open fire on Jews at Joseph’s Tomb.

Muslims set Joseph’s Tomb on fire — Again.

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One Response to Joseph’s Tomb — Again.

  1. Bruce O'H. says:

    All sites in Jerusalem that are holy to Judaism and Christianity should be protected and administered by Israel. If Palestinians need to be relocated, so be it. No one minded when 10,000 Jews were forcibly evicted from Gaza, basically for mortar and rocket sites, once the dust settled.

    If the Palestinians don’t like it, they can be given free transportation to the border and wished a good life as they are placed on the opposite side.

    Jerusalem would be a much nicer city minus them.

    The world/Left will demonize and hate Israel for that. You won’t be able to tell the difference, though, between that hate and the current demonization and hate routinely aimed at the little Democracy.

    So, I ask, why not fix the problem ?

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