The peace lovers have a ‘Tree Of Freedom’.

Weeeeeellllll…… Isn’t that special.

Fond memories of terrorists decorate a Palestinian Authority “Freedom Tree” in Bethlehem — though PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas insists he does not honor them. All of the 73 terrorists being honored are from Bethlehem and are serving life sentences in Israel for murdering Jews.

After the barbaric slaughter of Rabbi Udi Fogel, his wife and three of their six young children at their home in Itamar earlier several weeks ago, Abbas told Israel Radio that he does not allow incitement against Israel.

However, the PA continues to talk differently in Arabic than it does in English or Hebrew. The Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) has reported on and translated accounts from official PA media on visits by Abbas’ officials to families of the terrorists.

The Palestinian Media Watch article from 19 May:

“The district governor emphasized that the Palestinian people supports the sacrifice of the prisoners… they represent the purest and most noble cause in Palestinian society…”

The District Governor of Bethlehem during one of the visits to the prisoners' families.

Later in the week, at a ceremony honoring all 73 Palestinians from Bethlehem serving life sentences in Israeli prisons, the PA unveiled a “Tree of Freedom for Prisoners.” Its branches are decorated with “photographs of prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment.”

The ‘honorees’ are treated by their own government as if they won some sort of ‘Palestinian Idol’ competition for murdering Jews in the most violent methods ever devised.

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