UK Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned as a patron of The Jewish National Fund.

The United Kingdom is set to fall into the hands of pure evil.

Traditionally the leaders of Britain’s three main political parties are patrons of the JNF.

Cameron’s resignation has meant that none of the top three UK political leaders are serving as patrons of the JNF at present.

David Cameron is not only The Prime Minister Of The United Kingdom, he is also the leader of The UK’s Conservative Party and has previously pledged to stand by Israel.

If you’d care to make your thoughts known directly, Prime Minister David Cameron’s post address is 10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA United Kingdom.

The website for 10 Downing Street.

PM Cameron’s Facebook page.

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5 Responses to UK Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned as a patron of The Jewish National Fund.

  1. Funny how this happened right after that other traitor’s visit. OBAMA!!

  2. Bruce O'H. says:

    Everybody is choosing their side. I stand with Israel.

  3. Andreas K. says:

    I’m not surprised. Cameron is a CINO. Conservative in name only. He has done NOTHING against the 80+ sharia courts in the UK or against the mohammedans who scream and spit on British soldiers. And he has been in office for a year.

  4. harold kay says:

    it does not matter who stands with Israel in these last days except we should be remined that man without G-D is nothing and G-D without man is still G-D

    • Andreas K. says:

      I don’t necessarily agree. I mean, I know plenty of “Christians” who run to church every Sunday and are all holy, but in reality they’re assholes, and I mean it. My great-grandmother, as a counter example, was very far on the left side. Not religious at all. She did more than many Christians back in the war. She slipped potatos to Soviet POWs (and that with a sister who was a devout Nazi and her husband locked up in Dachau) and she gave a young soldier, who was running away from the war, the papers of her dead brother (that was close to the end of it, when “good Christians” in my area ratted out Hitler Youth boys, who were scared sh*tless and just wanted to go home, to the SS, who then murdered them, the cases are well documented but barely ever anyone speaks about them) and that soldier survived. She did more than the entire clergy in Germany and Austria. I’m proud of that little woman. When everyone, including the “good Christians” were going “Heil! Heil! Heil!” she didn’t howl with the wolves.

      I don’t think god judges us after whatever tree we barked at, but rather by our deeds. If I go around and pillage and murder in the name of my god, then that can’t be good (I’m looking at you muselmaniacs.)

      It matters who stands with Israel, because in the end the only ones who will stand with it are the ones who don’t support pillaging and murdering in the name of religion (that means, it’s many of the Jews and pretty much everybody else who’s not muselmaniac, socialist or enviro-nitwit.)

      Cameron supports sharia law. Yes he does, if he wouldn’t, why isn’t he moving against the 80+ sharia courts in the UK? Sharia is a vital part of islam. I’d go so far and say islam without sharia is not possible and Cameron, apparently, supports this. The same sharia law that has dualistic justice. The same islam that calls for murdering infidels.

      It doesn’t take only the killers, it also takes the people who watch and do nothing to let it happen. Look back at Nazi Germany. There were Nazis, but there were millions who watched and did nothing. They are just as guilty as the murderers.

      So yeah, one is either on one side or the other, there is no neutrality possible in this conflict.

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