Netanyahu: “We won’t allow them to do it.”


Another day, another ‘celebration’ for the peace lovers.

Naksa translates to “setback”.

Note – Updated 5 June 2011 at 10pm (Eastern).

Scroll below ‘===’ for update.

The “setback” in question: The Six Day War in 1967.

At least 4killed and 12 injured along Israel-Syria border at the start of Naksa Day.

Syrian television on Sunday reported that four people were killed and 12 injured along the Syria-Israel border in the Golan Heights near Majdal Shams, reportedly from IDF fire. The IDF spokesperson said that the only information it had on deaths on the border were Syrian reports and therefore, it could not confirm the number of people killed or if there were any deaths.

Earlier Sunday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned that there are “radical elements who are trying to breach [Israel’s] borders to mark the anniversary of the start of the Six Day War,” speaking at the beginning of the weekly cabinet meeting. “We won’t allow them to do it.”

Netanyahu added that the security forces will act “firmly but with restraint.”

More at The Jerusalem Post: Gearing up for Naksa.

……and from back on Nakba day (15 May): Syrians Cross Into Golan.

Restraint ?

Enough is enough.

I’m up for some disproportionate response.

Never again means NEVER AGAIN !


Updated 5 June 2011 at 10pm (Eastern).

Article and video at Israel National News.

Syrian TV: 20 Dead in Clashes with IDF. Israeli Druze Join Riot.

Syrian TV reported 20 “Palestinian” Syrian Arabs dead Sunday afternoon as the Arabs attempted to provoke Israel on the anniversary of its victory over their armies in 1967.

The IDF released an 18-second video in which Israeli commanders are heard ordering their soldiers to cease firing in order to allow the Red Cross to evacuate casualties on the Syrian side.

Police fired tear gas at rioting Druze residents of Majdal Shams Sunday evening, after the rioters hurled rocks at IDF soldiers. The Druze emerged from their village in the Israeli Golan Heights and attacked the IDF soldiers from behind, as the soldiers were busy keeping Druze on the Syrian side of the border from crossing into Israel.

It’s about time that Israel takes off the gloves and…… Well…… Yeah.

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8 Responses to Netanyahu: “We won’t allow them to do it.”

  1. Andreas K. says:

    When I see the jihadis do that, the only thing that comes to my mind is… canister shot. Seriously. Double canister would work wonders on them.

    • kennysolomon says:

      I’m a tad more ‘open-minded’.

      A string of Dillon M134’s works just fine ‘n dandy for me.

      • Andreas K. says:

        Lots of ammo you’re wasting. Think of the environment. All the shells, bullets AND powder.

        With canister shot you can use even scrap metal. Hey, we have to keep this financially responsible, too.

        • kennysolomon says:

          Quite true.

          But if you’ve ever had the fortune to operate an M134…… Yeah, buddy.

          .50 BMG, 68 rps, electronic, full dampening, almost zero recoil.

          • Andreas K. says:


            Try a 120mm cannon, set up in 60 tons of German steel. We don’t have anti-personnel ammo, but the impact into our targets on the range was still awesome.

            Loved shooting the HOWA Type 89. Not really designed for my physique (it’s designed for Japanese who’re usually not around 6’8″), but shoots very nicely. Just have an issue with those long-barelled ARs, not used to them. Too many years on a Steyr AUG.

  2. David In Tucson says:

    I wish U.S. would do this on the Arizona/Mexico border

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