The Business Of Israel’s Defense

Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. getting a new boss — Elbit Systems Ltd. exporting UAV’s to Chile — IDF Homefront Command’s  incoming missile alert text messaging problem.

Three interesting articles in the latest issue of ‘Globes’.

Dov Baharav will be the new chairman of Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd., Minister of Defense Ehud Barak and Minister of Finance Yuval Steinitz officially announced Sunday night.  Baharav, the former president and CEO of Amdocs Ltd., is due to replace IAI chairman Yair Shamir in six weeks.

Mr. Baharov has no experience in the defense industry.

OK, terrific.

Chile is the first country outside Israel to procure the most advanced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) made by Elbit Systems Ltd., the Hermes 900.  Industry sources estimate the deal at several tens of millions of dollars.  Elbit Systems will also supply ground control stations and designated payload systems for a range of operations.

Git-r-done Elbit Systems !

Now that’s a peace partnership we can all get behind.

The IDF Homefront Command today successfully tested its emergency SMS system to alert about incoming missiles.  Mobile carriers Pelephone Communications Ltd. and Cellcom Israel Ltd. participated in the trial, but Partner Communications Ltd. stayed out because of a dispute with the Homefront Command.

The dispute keeping the one company out of the loop:  The new system crashes firmware of a specific model Samsung cell phone.


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