“Peace Can Only Be Achieved Through Negotiations”

Thus spoketh Jerzy Buzek, Parliamentary President of The European Union at a meeting with Speaker Of The Knesset, Reuven Rivlin.

“The European Parliament is deeply committed to excellent relations with the Knesset and democratic Israel,” continued Buzek. “This visit is important for me, not only as President of the European Parliament but also as a Pole,” he added, noting that he grew up not far from the Nazi death camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

“Europeans and Israelis share a painful past,” the President said. “This past gives us a special responsibility to work together to bring a better future.”

Buzek said that the changing history in the Middle East (the Arab Spring) is giving Israel and the Palestinian Authority an opportunity to shape a future “based on dignity, security, and prosperity,” adding that “this can be achieved only through negotiations” and “that the time to start them is now.”

These gents are completely delusional in their thinking the peace lovers want anything short of the complete destruction of Israel and total extermination of all Jews.

But worse, is that they and many others are playing directly into the hands of pure evil and it will soon cost millions of lives unless Israel acts on each and every incident against Jews and the homeland with double and triple effect.

There’s only one thing the peace lovers understand and that’s force in a greater measure than they can hand out themselves.

Enough is enough.

Never again means NEVER AGAIN !

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Kenny Solomon
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3 Responses to “Peace Can Only Be Achieved Through Negotiations”

  1. bobmontgomery says:

    It is amazing, after all of history, especially modern European history, after all of the educational opportunities available to Europeans, and especially coming from this idiot who claims to have grown up near Auschwitz, that Europe can continue to produce his ilk , indeed elevate them to high office. I am quite sure that even a person of much less status, means and advantage, say for example a hard working South Floridian redneck of surprising heritage but with a classic name, (maybe that’s it…the name)
    could cite at least one other means of achieving peace, indeed could state with reasonable certitude that appeasement rarely, if ever, lead to peace.

  2. Andreas K. says:

    Well, this comes from the EU, you can dismiss it as BS right away, just like anything that’s coming from Brussels.

    Auschwitz is only interesting because there are dead Jews. Dead Jews are good for our politicians. They don’t talk back, they can be used as tool in the “fight against the right wing”, which is sponsored, for example, by the German government.

    Living Jews however… That’s where the problems begin. The living Jews fight back, they have the gull to storm a pro-islam ship and defend themselves against jihadis. That’s just outrageous for many Euro-peons and a lot of the politicians around here.

    Buzek is just another tool.

  3. Califubar says:

    Negotiations, i.e. ‘compromise’ aka appeasement…wait didn’t we try that in the 30’s when Hitler was on the rise?

    These folks really need to develop some sense of historical continuity.

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