Iran to launch Ahmadinejad into space.

Oh wait……

Not this guy.

This one:

Iran plans to send a live monkey into space in the summer, the country’s top space official said after the successful launch of the Rassad-1 satellite, state television reported on its website on Thursday.

“The Kavoshgar-5 rocket will be launched during the month of Mordad (July 23 to August 23) with a 285-kilogramme capsule carrying a monkey to an altitude of 120 kilometers (74 miles),” said Hamid Fazeli, head of Iran’s Space Organization.

Must be part of that amazing Muslim science we’ve all heard about.


A monkey in space.

Space Monkey !

……or will it be a ‘meenkeey’ ?

We now return to your regular programming.

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Kenny Solomon
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One Response to Iran to launch Ahmadinejad into space.

  1. Andreas K. says:

    120 km… is that even space yet?

    And aren’t monkeys haram? Oh dear, poor Ackmack, first some of his friends were accused of witchcraft, now he’s got to deal with a haram space monkey. Nobody loves him anymore.

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