NY Times Columnist Thomas Friedman, Statesman.

Never has one man done so little for so many for so long that he can do nothing with anything.

Now he’s hatin’ on Pres…… No…… No way.



To start with, NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman is sudddenly countering his own words from the recent past.

But more importantly, guess who’s to blame.

No, not the Jews and Israel as is always the case with the quite Jewish himself Mr. Friedman.

According to the oh-so-self-important Mr. Friedman, America’s most humble but lovable ‘First Golfer’ along with Bubba The Sax Player’s wife caused all the problems.

Imagine that…… One of Obama’s biggest supporters in the media or anywhere else – definitely in the top five on the list – is now point-blank blaming The Jihadist At 1600™.

“Who in the world would want to try to repair this? I’d rather herd cats, or become John Thain’s image adviser, or have a colonoscopy, or become chairman of the ’bad bank’ that President Obama might create to hold all the toxic mortgages. Surely, any of those would be more fun.”

Now, in a column under the headline “What to Do With Lemons,” he writes that the president and his Secretary of State “have made quite a mess in Israeli-Palestinian relations, where they’ve alienated all sides and generated zero progress.  They’ve been inconsistent — demanding a settlements freeze then backing down — unimaginative and politically wimpy.  Then again, the actors they’ve had to work with were both lemons — a Palestinian government that was too divided to make any big decisions and an elusive right-wing Israeli government that was strong enough to make big decisions but had no will to do so.”

Endeavoring to provide thoughtfull and properly constructed commentary here at Israel Survival Updates, extensive research on the matter above has led to the innate knowledge that there can be only one response to Mr. Friedman’s latest offering in The NY Times.

Mr. Friedman, here’s what you can do with a lemon:  Suck it.

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates
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One Response to NY Times Columnist Thomas Friedman, Statesman.

  1. Steve MacMillan says:

    Thomas Friedman: Just another liberal progressive NWO A.H.

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