Israeli Leftist Tzipi Livini: Netanyahu not serious about talks with Palestinians.

The woman is dangerous.

Ma’am, you don’t ‘talk’ with genocidal maniacs who’s so-called ‘religion’ orders them to annihilate every Jew on the planet.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is not willing to seriously negotiate peace with the Palestinians, said opposition leader MK Tzipi Livni at the closing session of the World Jewish Congress’s annual Board of Governors gathering on Tuesday.

In an impassioned address to the 250 delegates of the global Jewish advocacy group, the Kadima party leader lashed out against the prime minister saying he had repeatedly rejected offers to form a coalition with her party and push forward peace talks.

Coalitions = Consensus.

Consensus = Absence of leadership.

Ms. Livini, y’all better back off, or you’ll be backed off by someone like MK Danny Ayalon……

Earlier, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said Israel can rely only on itself for its security and well-being.

“The most important thing for us is to be strong,” he said. “We have an international community that is cynical and hypocritical. People who cannot defend themselves will suffer genocides and persecutions. We’ve seen this in Rwanda and Bosnia and this is something we must never allow.”

In other words, never again means NEVER AGAIN !

Learn it.

Know it.

Live it.

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5 Responses to Israeli Leftist Tzipi Livini: Netanyahu not serious about talks with Palestinians.

  1. Horrified in Hollywood says:

    Bottom line is they should all pull together. You can’t have peace talks with stone walls.

    • Andreas K. says:

      Not just that. The goal of the Hamas is clear: kill all Jews. How do you negotiate with someone like that?

      Simple answer: you don’t.

      If someone threatens my niece with a knife, I won’t negotiate with him. I’ll f***ing shoot him. Seriously.

  2. Andreas K. says:

    Back in Warsaw, during the uprising, she would have complained about the Jews not negotiating with the SS.

    In a concentration camp, that woman would have been a kapo, in a ghetto she would have been one of those Jewish “police officers”, installed by the Nazis.

  3. bruce says:

    israeli jews should tell this kind of jino to go talk peace with mooslum murderers but they must do it from a mooslum country like lebonon,syria,jordan or egypt.i am sure these mooslum countries will welcome peace loving jinos’ with open arms.

  4. bruce says:

    back in warsaw these jinos would have got a bullet in the back on the head just like the kapos got during the uprising.

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