Statehood For ‘Palestine’ — September 2011.

It’s also a complete and total coincidence that The Muslim Brotherhood will be officially ‘elected’ to run Egypt at the same time. *

The Palestinian leadership officially announced Sunday it will turn to the UN for recognition of an independent state in September.   The decision was made after a meeting convened by President Mahoud Abbas in his Ramallah headquarters.

PLO Executive Committee chief Yasser Abed Rabbo declared that the move is aimed at protecting the Palestinian people and their legal leadership, as well as achieving a just peace that will see an independent Palestinian state committed to international decisions.

The PA called on Arab states to reinforce their support as “the Netanyahu government insists on ruining every opportunity to return to the negotiating table.”

The Palestinians also called on the international community to continue investing funds in the PA, which they said is suffering from an acute financial deficit.

As I and many others (including our good friend Andreas K.) have stated many a time before…… One of the main goals of Islam is clear:  Kill all Jews.

How do you negotiate with people like that ?

Simple answer:  You don’t.

Give ’em their own state  ;  Go ahead  ;  No worries…… One thing though:  The first rocket, mortar, bomb, or pistol round enters Israel from “Palestine” will be instantly and officially considered an act of war…… and at that point, all bets are off.

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*  Hamas and Fatah have reached agreement on The Unity Government.

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates
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4 Responses to Statehood For ‘Palestine’ — September 2011.

  1. Horrified in Hollywood says:

    Why can’t they all go back where they came from?

  2. Steve MacMillan says:

    Palistine becomes a state. Israel is forced to defend itself and fires into Palistine. U.N. then comes to the aid of Palistine against Israel.

  3. Andreas K. says:

    Nothing will change. “Palestine” will just be like it is today.

    As for the UN… well, what do you expect? Criticizing islam is forbiden there, but bashing Israel is alright for them.

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