Formal invites being issued for a shooting war.

Peace lovers to unilaterally set borders for “Palestine”.

Even as the Palestinian Authority warns Israel not to revoke the Oslo Accords it is planning to unilaterally set its own borders in September, Gulf News reports.

The borders, according to a senior PA official, will be drawn by the PA and Arab states following the ‘completion’ of its statehood bid at the United Nations.

The instant those “official borders” are claimed and the first set of peace lovers ‘moves in’, Israel needs to send “Palestine” a message.

A glowing message.

‘Nuff said.

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2 Responses to Formal invites being issued for a shooting war.

  1. Bruce O'Hara says:

    If it’s a war that they want to start, I hope Israel kicks everyone of her neighbors asses…AGAiN.

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