Israel’s Defense Ministry invests NIS 75 million in purchase of non-lethal weapons.

New weapons include gas grenades, taser guns and an ‘odor weapon’.

Have that ‘odor weapon’ smell like bacon and then ya got yerself sumptin’ that actually might work against the peace lovers.

The Defense Ministry has invested more than NIS 75 million (roughly $22 million) in purchasing non-lethal weapons to disperse mass protests in preparation for possible September riots.

The Ministry is gearing up for possible riots in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and inside Israel following the Palestinian plan to seek UN membership. Defense Ministry Director-General Udi Shani ordered the allocation of funds from the ministry’s budget as well as from foreign aid for the purchase of sophisticated crowd dispersal means.

Oh goody, we’re still playing nice-nice with those who want nothing more than the total destruction of Israel and complete extermination of The Jewish People.

It’s all so hopeychangey.

Amazing that Israel still exists, eh ?

“……sophisticated crowd dispersal means.”

Why ?   Live rounds are much cheaper and get the point across stronger and faster.   Besides, that’s all the peace lovers understand.

Power, force and death.

It’s their way of life — Convert, Submit, Or Die.

Once again…… Islam is not a race.   Muslim is not a race.   If they are, then Christianity and Judiasim are as well — So libs, knock off the racism b.s.

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates
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3 Responses to Israel’s Defense Ministry invests NIS 75 million in purchase of non-lethal weapons.

  1. What a waste. $75 million for non-lethal weapons? seriously?

    This is a bad joke, right? (sigh) I don’t even believe what I’m reading anymore.

    If I could make a crass suggestion, how about obtaining a weapon that shoots bacon at these people? Given thier absolute superstition when it comes to pigs, I think that might deter them.

    (No offense intended to the Jews here, Kenny, it’s just that Muslims tend to be rabidly afriad of pork, while Jews just don’t eat it. The Jews aren’t the ones going around demanding that collections of porcelain pigs be put away so that they don’t have to look at them.)

    • kennysolomon says:

      T.A.R.N.S. my friend, sad to say that nothing surprises me anymore, especially when it comes to teh stoooopid.

      Do a quick search on the net for a product called “Silver Bullet Gun Oil”…… Awesome. 😉

  2. Simon says:

    Using stun grenades and lots of tear gas did the job in dispersing the protestors in Greece.

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