Chicken ?…… No.

Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon regarding the Palestinian Authority’s rejection of a public faceoff:  “Palestinians can only debate unilaterally.”

No kiddin’.

I am more than a little surprised that Erekat rejected my offer of an open and public debate, especially considering he was concerned enough about our video to release a two page official press release,” Ayalon said.

“Erekat is used to telling the world that Israel’s policies are illegal and against international law and I offered him the chance to back up his own statements and he is proving unable or unwilling to do so.”

“Like its diplomatic policies, it appears that the Palestinian Authority is only able to debate unilaterally.”

Chicken ? – No, not close – It’s Taqiyya — Misdirect, obfuscate, cheat, lie, etc. all in the name of advancing Islam.

Minister Ayalon, you’re way too diplomatic, sir.  That’s not how you call out a typical bitter Allah-clinging peace lover.

You don’t say he’s chicken.

You also don’t debate, negotiate, or even offer options to anyone or any entity who’s baseline reason for being is the total destruction of Israel and the complete extermination of Jews world-wide.

Start addressing him (and the rest of the peace lovers) like this……

Hey you bacon-eating, dog-kissing, illegitimate son of a maid to Jewish billionaires.  Take your genocidal goals, your nine-year-old wives and your pet goats and stick ’em in those books-from-hell you call your ‘religion’.  Then catch the next slow boat to Mars, or IDF will send you there, postage due………… And by the way, the instant you folks declare yourselves a state, the very next rocket, mortar, rifle round or even a single firecracker sent anywhere into Israel will be considered an act of war from one sovereign state against another…… Don’t do it – trust me – just don’t.

— — — — —

Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates
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3 Responses to Chicken ?…… No.

  1. LadyImpactOhio says:

    Yea Kenny. I think you may have corked off a few. Change a couple of nouns and adjectives and this would be fit for Boehner.

  2. Horrified says:

    You do have a way with words. You should write a book…….

  3. Aussie Bloke! says:

    Well said!

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